31 January 2007

something I missed

Here's Miss Puerto Rico - well actually, she's Miss Universe now. I know no one watched these competitions any more - I certainly don't. But I came across her picture in another blog and thought it would be wrong of me not to share.

30 January 2007

Gooch goes to the toon

Although I'm sure Oguchi Onyewu would have been wonderful playing for Fulham, I can't say I'm sad to hear that he's been picked up by Newcastle. I've got no problem with Newcastle, after all, anyone who's seen Goal! The Dream Begins (not really too bad a movie, actually) knows that they're more than fair to Americans.

So all in all, I'm pretty happy for Gooch.

But I was wondering what Newcastle fans thought, so I pulled up a Newcastle-online.com, a supporter's site. Let's take a look at some of the comments about the signing:

Not a signing to set the pulses racing - he’s not exactly a household name!

Rocha for spurs looked like a better deal for me... dissapointing transfer window

I don’t know anything about this ‘Gooch’ Lad & hopefully he’s a world beater. But even if he is, surely both a Left & Right back are the priorities?

Is he better than the young lads or Bramble & Moore. I hope so. We still need a left back & a striker

are we supose to be happy by this signing? hes a retard Boro them selves rejected him.

But it's not all bad:

Decent signing I reckon, but would like to have seen at least 1 full back arrive along with centre half we have loaned and a striker!!

I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping this turns out better than they're expecting.

* * * * *

This post brought to you by Goal! 2: The Dream Continues and Goal! 3: The Dream Ends In MLS

29 January 2007

RSL is dead?

RSL's stadium project has been proclaimed dead by team owner Dave Checketts. He goes on to say he's selling the team.

My thoughts go out to Steve Pastorino right now - I hope things turn out for the best, and the team finds a city that truly appreciates the opportunity to have an MLS team. I hope that if the ownership changes that the new owner realizes the asset he has in Steve. It all makes me nervous.

So now what? Perhaps St. Louis?


Thanks to my friends for coming out this weekend - I hope it was worth the while.

26 January 2007

another big car/ridehorsey jam

Check it out.

And don't forget to check out bigcar.org for more comics, art, words, and stuff.

24 January 2007


Gina and I are out shopping somewhere - we shop a lot so I don't remember where exactly - and as Gina stands at a jewelry counter, a hyperactive young girl is arguing with her mother. We don't hear much of the conversation. Except when the mother says "If you don't behave, Tyranny.."

23 January 2007

my new favorite german

Scorned by the whole Jurgen Klinsmann thing, it's taken me a while to get back to loving Germans the way I should; I've had my lederhosen stored away until just last night, when Gina and I got them out for an impromptu photo shoot. You've never seen asslesss lederhosen look sexier on a man. Stay tuned for those pictures.

This time spent away from the Germans got me to thinking, and one of the most striking thoughts I've had is "Gosh, I'm glad I don't have tuberculosis!" Then I realized that I really have no idea what tuberculosis really is. Other than a disease. I'm not retarded. But one of the things you'll learn from this website is that I'm not very smart.

Realizing my tuberculosis ignorance, I got to work figuring out just what I didn't know. As it turns out, tuberculosis is a common and deadly infectious disease caused by the mycobacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Mycobacterium bovis, which most commonly affects the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can also affect the central nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, genitourinary system, bones and joints.*

"DUH", I thought to myself.

But I still didn't know how or why I didn't have tuberculosis. That's when I learned about Robert Koch, my new favorite German.

You see, Robert Koch was a German bacteriologist who won the 1905 Nobel Prize. Perhaps you knew that already, but did you know that 1905 was the year that the Nobel Prize went for the study of Tuberculosis? Robert Koch sure did.

Most people don't realize that the Nobel Prize is given out for a different category every year. For example, the 2007 Nobel Prize will be given for study in the field of the Plague. Unforunately the categories were determined a very long time ago.

Robert Koch's mother didn't raise no fool - Robert (or "Obe", as his friends called him) realized the incredible monitary gains that could be made through Nobel Prize winning - not to mention the incredible amount of tail. So he bacteria'd it up until the prize was his - a truly awesome accomplishment.

So next time you get tuberculosis, think of Obe Koch. He was thinking of you. Sort of.

* * * * *

*thanks, wikipedia

a ridehorsey/big car colab

For those of you who aren't familiar with Big Car, here's a description:
Big Car is a non-profit 501c3 arts organization with a gallery and performance venue in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. In our space in the Murphy Art Center, we host live music, spoken word events, and a new art show each month. We prefer work -- be it visual, words or music -- that is doing something new, that is taking a chance, that bends reality into something that wasn't there before. We like experiments. We like darkness. We like work with an edge. We like humor. We like to have fun doing something new.
A couple weeks back, Jim at Big Car started doing a daily comic on the Big Car website based on reader submissions, but after about four comics, it seemed that he was already running out of submissions.

Because I've tried the reader submission thing myself before, I knew that that can be a little frustrating. So I pulled a few stories out of my old blog posts, and sent them to him. And today he used one of them, which I would post here, but I think it's better that you head on over to the Big Car website and check it out yourself (the comic is about halfway down the page - Rip Roaring #6). For my friends Brent, Jim F, and Dave, it's especially relevant. And while you're there, check out some of the comic archives here.

22 January 2007

A whole lotta not much

Although I was invited out Friday night, a severe lack of budget meant that instead Gina and I went to see Old Joy at Key Cinemas in beautiful south Indianapolis.

I don't think I can do the movie much justice; I found it fantastically accurate and honest, to the point that the dialog seemed almost based on former conversations I'd had myself. I'd like for all traveling friends to see it themselves.

Then again, they might think it's not any good.

Saturday morning was a Fulham tie (that's like ) and Clint Dempsey's debut in a Fulham shirt. He looked confident on the ball and helped in the effort to secure Fulham's goal. It's also quite possible that he fell asleep on the defensive end and allowed for Tottenham's easy goal. Here's a little article about Dempsey's debut.

Saturday afternoon was spent watching the National Team v Denmark. Not much worth reporting there; nice work by some MLS guys, but the game didn't mean much. I'm much more interested in the Mexico game.

After the game I made a pasta/arugula/olive salad that turned out ok, though a little light on taste. Then again, it was a Cooking Light recipe.

Saturday evening I caught the end of the replay between the US under-20's and Guatemala. I'd say the US team was less than impressive, and the 0-0 final score was a fitting result for the poor effort.

Sunday I spent the early part of the day watching Manchester United/Arsenal, and was glad to see Wayne Rooney score. Of course Arsenal ended up winning the match in the 93rd minute.

I then went out and shoveled the driveway; it was good to get some sort of exercise. I've been spending my time away from work exclusively on the couch. As a result I'm 5-10 pounds heavier than I should be.

I spent the better part of the afternoon cooking up Farmer's Market Chicken, a chicken/squash/carrot/tomato conconction. It was also underwhelming, though the chicken part of it was quite tasty. I finished in time to catch the second half of the Bears game.

Gina and I then watched the Colts. By halftime I found myself looking for something else to do, convinced that they had another loss on their hands. But my internet connection was down, so I kept myself on the couch and rode out the thrilling victory.

As good as the game way, the postgame local news coverage was even better: A 50-something female newscaster said "Get R Done" during the broadcast, the footage from a northside bar showed a bunch of drunk people posing and dancing for the cameras... I actually turned the tivo on to save the footage for later. What a parade of retardation.

But it was understandable. I don't think anyone here thought the Colts had much hope of actually winning the game. It was nice to see it happen.

The next two weekends should be good; first my birthdayish celebration next weekend, and a Colts Superbowl the next. Good times to come.

18 January 2007


Congrats to the Hoosier Beer Geeks, Scot at 64th and Broadway, and anyone else linked to left who appear in the article in this week's Intake about Indy blogs. Your attention is well deserved. Also know that I'm insanely jealous. And that I'm embarassed about my jealousy. And that I hate you. And that "Galactic Horse Showdown of the Century (sometimes known as ridehorsey)" would have looked awesome in print.

I guess you don't do much either.

Perhaps I have fewer Indianapolis readers than I suspected.

17 January 2007

While I'm on the topic...

In a couple weeks I'm having 4 friends come from the St. Louis area to visit for my birthday; We plan to spend a Saturday afternoon at Brugge drinking, watching a bit of soccer, and eating good food. Afterwards, we'll probably all retire to my house for a nap. Together. Naked. I didn't tell them that part. It's a birthday surprise.


Saturday evening is wide open, we're all pretty cheap bastards, and we need something to do. We are generally quiet people who prefer bars where you can actually hold a conversation. If you had a group of 5 guys in need of a way to spend a Saturday evening in Indy, where would you go? Duck pin bowling? It's a possibility, but that basement is sort of creepy, really. But it's on the list anyway.

By the way, if anyone reading this wants to join in, let me know. Even if it's just for the nap.

16 January 2007

what to do?

As you probably already know, I don't consider myself a Hoosier; In fact I hate the word. Since I grew up in Southern Illinois just outside of St. Louis, I always associated the word hoosier with South City St. Louis folk, who were called hoosiers out of disrespect.

When we moved here it took quite a while to adjust to the bombardment that is the use of the word "hoosier" in the state of Indiana. Count how many times you hear the word in one day - it will surprise you.

Anyway, since I didn't grow up here, I still feel like I've missed a lot. Coworkers speak of towns just outside the city that I've never heard of or visited, people speak of parts of the city I've never seen... and I'd like to see it all, really. But where to start?

If you asked me for a list of places to start your visit in St. Louis, I could come up with one pretty easily: The Arch, Busch Stadium, Soulard, The Central West End, The Hill, The Loop... most are nice neighborhoods that have unique characteristics that make them worthwhile.

If I was making a list of places to see in Indianapolis, it would go like this: The racetrack, the canal, Broad Ripple, maybe Fountain Square... is that really all there is?

Where do you bring guests from out of town? What do we have in Indianapolis that's worth showing off? What am I missing? Or have I really seen it all already?

15 January 2007

bring out your dead

I can't handle it still being dark at 8:45 am.

So I suppose you might be wondering how the Clint Dempsey Fulham era started. Although Directv didn't have the game listed, thanks to my good friends at SoccerTV.com, I knew that the game was going to be shown live on Setanta Extra at 10 AM. So I got up and took my usual spot on the couch, and prepared myself for an awesome display of "We Hungry" (he should fit in wonderfully in London).

But alas, the starting Midfielders were Captain Michael Brown (who, honestly, I'm not that fond of), Tomasz Radzinski (Canadian), Wayne Routledge (on loan from Tottenham. Shifty. Small.) and either Mortiz Volz (a past winner of My New Favorite German) or Carlos Bocanegra (American. Scores the occasional big goal. Sort of clueless.)

If you're wondering why I couldn't tell if Boca was playing defense or midfield, you haven't seen Boca play for Fulham.

In any case, Dempsey didn't play (or appear on the screen at all), McBride scored (as usual), Boca and the other central defender fell asleep at the wheel and gave a goal away (twice this year now), and Fulham came back to earn the tie (as usual). Good game, anyway.

* * * * *
she looks better in person
Friday, John and I went down to the MLS draft. Prior to the draft Steve had told us that it was a 3 deep draft, and that unfortunately RSL had the fourth pick.

But as it turned out, RSL got the guy they were after, Columbus' traveling fanshow got punched in the crotch when Columbus' braintrust traded away their first round draft pick for future considerations, and I got freaky with Maurice Edu's posse of Nubian princesses. Two of those three statements are true.

The draft is sort of dull, to be honest; there's not much drama in watching a bunch of guys you've never heard having their names read off. But it was a very nice looking production, and I'd go again... Unfortunately John and I left before the call for Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville's Mike Banner... and it's a good thing because I may have yelped with joy - I am also a SIUE alum.

* * * * *

And the Colts won and get to play the Patriots for a chance at the Superbowl. Hold on Indy, you're about to get Belichicked again. The last football game I watched was the Colts' victory over the Patriots (which took place while I was out in Vegas) - I told my co-viewers that the Colts were getting the win out of the way so they could lose in the playoffs.

That said, I'd like for them to win. I just don't have any faith in Payton at all. He's got the constant look of "I just pooped my pants and I have to wear them for another 3 hours" on his face. At least when Elway was blowing games he had the decency to smile about it (which always drove me nuts). Elway did get over, eventually...

* * * * *

One last thing... I'm hearing rumors of Gooch to Chelsea? Please god, no.

* * * * *

Ok, another last thing:
Dave will then take a ceremonial free kick from 30 yards over a wall that is the Jackson 5 (Michael in the middle) and the ball will magically curl up and over the Jackson 5 and into the top corner. Then the goal will split in half like in the opening ceremony for USA 94. Then James Brown's "Living in America" will boom over the loudspeaker.
Interesting to hear what folks thing about the Beckham deal on the other side of the pond. Thanks, Football365.com mailbox.


12 January 2007

sunil galati is a tiny man

I've just returned from the downtown Indianapolis Hyatt, where I saw a virtual smorgasbord of who's who in MLS and US Soccer. Gina, John and myself met with Steve just as things seemed to pick up at the hotel bar.

As we awaited Steve's arrival, the first person I noticed was Eric Wynalda. For those of you with no Eric Wynalda background - Eric is the all time leader in goals for your US National Team. He's also responsible for one of the few times I've actually jumped for joy while watching a sporting event (at 1:22 in thisyoutube clip... i think).

Then we saw Rob Stone, the ESPN analyst, and then John Harkes, and Preki, and met Peter Wilt, who was fantastically nice (as I now see reported) and who listened to my Yellowstone buffalo collision story with what seemed to be a level of genuine interest.

Then we saw Sunil Galati.

Then Bruce Arena walked behind us. Even Gina knows who Bruce Arena is.

And I'm forgetting a bunch of people. I met a bunch of RSL staff, all of whom were very nice.

And pretty much every MLS GM and coach, aside from Alexi Lalas, who was probably busy figuring out ways to make money off the Beckham deal.

Of course I shouldn't forget to mention that Steve served as a wonderful host for us when he wasn't busy working. Great guy, that Steve. But you knew that already.

All in all, a pretty sort of surreal experience. Just me and John and Gina, hanging out at a bar with half my high school idols. Not bad.

11 January 2007

This turned into an MLS blog all of a sudden

It didn't take Fox Soccer Shop long to get the jerseys up for sale... though that number isn't right, is it?

This Beckham thing is crazy. Sure, they've been talking about it forever, and sure, the rule is pretty much known as "The Beckham Rule", but who really thought he was coming over? I didn't.

$250 million dollars is a whole lotta money. I just hope it turns out. He's certainly saying all the right things (video link).

He's not over until August, even though the league starts in April... so that's a bit odd. I wonder when LA is in Chicago and/or Columbus? I'd like to see him play.

You're not getting this news in the Indy Star...

For anyone reading who thinks they might want to check out the MLS Superdraft (because it's truly super) at the Indianapolis convention center downtown, I have the following info from a good source.

draft is open to public... You can be first rsl fan to meet our draft pick...

And you can see Alexi Lalas IN THE FLESH. Highlight of your life, probably. I only wish I still had my 1994 US National Team Jersey (the blue one with the white stars). I'd have him autograph it and then I'd frame it above my bed.

* * * * *

In additional news, apparently the draft isn't the only MLS related thing going on in town this weekend. MLS pairs up with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America's convention to bring you a few tasty treats.

According to this article, MLS will have a booth at the convention with giveaways, player visits, and a raffle that gives you a chance to win the pants off of Landon Donovan's new wife, sexy* tv and film star* Bianca Kajlich.

In addition, the Columbus Crew and Chicago Fire have organized fan buses coming to town, so you could possibly meet Section 8, a group of fans who do a fantastic job. Or perhaps you'll meet V Army from Columbus, who I'm sure are quite lovely people.

And don't forget the NSCAA convention, either. Apparently it's worth checking out.

From here:
The NSCAA Convention also played host to one of the largest soccer trade shows in the world, and one need look no further than the A through Z of over 300 vendors who paid up to several thousand dollars for the privilege of holding booth space in the impressive Exhibit Hall to become aware that soccer in the U.S. is indeed undertaking somewhat of a revolution and now represents very big business.

Here's a schedule. Is this open to the public? I guess?

Sounds good to me. Again... you're not getting this info in the Star.

So come on out. Take in a session on "The Mastering of Soccer Through Consciousness", Johnny Guzman, Professional Coach, NYSA, Inc."

I guess it's free? Or maybe not... On this page it says something about a $99 weekend special. Whatever. You weren't coming out anyway.

Or you can sneak in the back door. Just tell them you're working for food service.

* * * * *

*things that aren't sexy: her clothing in that picture... You wore that to a party for Stuff Magazine? Did Landon dress you?

*according to her website she hasn't worked since 2002.

10 January 2007

I'm an idiot.

So I've been planning a meet up with a friend for about 6 months now, coinciding with the MLS Superdraft, taking place in Indianapolis.... this Friday. Not next friday, like I thought. Even though we've had a conversation via email over and over again...

Anyway, I just figured out that it's this Friday, thanks to Scot, and du Nord. Which would explain why the email said "I'll call you Thursday".

I'm probably going to take Friday off for the draft. Why not? Does anyone actually know where it is? Is the public allowed in? Can I get this info in the next 24 hours? Can someone help me find my pants?

Hot Dog

Clint Dempsey gets his UK work permit.

Three US Nationals at Fulham, let's make it an even four.

09 January 2007

busy day

So if St. Louis gets an MLS team, they'll play in Collinsville?

Collinsville, seriously? Calling Collinsville a suburb of St. Louis is kind of like calling Whiteland* a suburb of Indianapolis.

I find it hard to believe that anyone from Missouri is going to cross the river to go see an MLS game. But if they do, at least they can take in the world's largest catsup bottle.


I'm making a push for the name immediately.

Update: An article in your Belleville News Democrat - the only paper my mother reads

* * * * *

*town slogan: Because no one wanted to live in Blackland

poo sandwich

Until baseball has definite proof of who did and didn't use steroids, McGwire should be in the Hall of Fame. Because even if he did use, whose to say that the guys he was playing against weren't using the same stuff?

Besides, then we'd get to hear his speech, and wouldn't that be interesting?

title change

As you may have noticed, I've changed the title of the blog to "Galactic Horse Showdown of the Century".

Please update your links.

here we go again

I've typed out a schedule for my life again...
RAIN SCHEDULE – Strength to Spare
Week Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun. Weekly
Easy* Pace* Brisk* Off Pace* Pace* Pace* Mileage
5/7 - 5/13 16 19.2 22.4 Off 19.2 64 24 164.8
5/14 - 5/20 16 20.8 24 Off 20.8 70.4 27.2 179.2
5/21 - 5/27 16 24 24 Off 24 76.8 28.8 193.6
5/28 - 6/3 17.6 25.6 30.4 Off 25.6 84.8 32 216
6/4 - 6/10 19.2 28.8 32 Off 28.8 94.4 35.2 238.4
6/11 - 6/17 20.8 30.4 36.8 Off 30.4 102.4 38.4 259.2
6/18 - 6/24 22.4 32 40 Off 32 113.6 43.2 283.2
6/25 - 7/1 25.6 32 43.2 Off 32 120 43.2 296
7/2 - 7/8 27.2 32 48 Off 32 120 51.2 310.4
RAIN WEEK (7/ 30.4 32 48 16 8 Easy 160 294.4

RAIN WEEK is always a little off schedule due to the ride being on a Saturday.

This is the same schedule (adapted from here) that I worked off of training for last year's RAIN ride where I finished 216th of 855 finishing riders (1200 or so registered) (links to an excel document).

This year the schedule sure seems like a lot more work. I'm sure Gina, who is planning on her first ride this year, is thrilled.

The schedule worked really well though, even in last year's 90-some degree weather, so I'll stick with it. Maybe by then I'll have a new bike. Because that's just what I need.

I wondered how I'd feel about riding RAIN again this year, but just seeing that registration has opened has me pretty excited. I guess that means I enjoyed myself. This year I'm considering finishing and then adding on another 40 miles, just to get my double century ride badge... it's not very often that you're that close to 200 miles, so it might make sense to attempt.

Now if I could just get more of my friends involved...

* * * * *

and that's how you go from 235 to 183

Man I'm excited.

08 January 2007

i tend to hate everything

Last evening Gina and I sat down to take in The Sweet Hereafter, a movie which seemed to be universally loved by critics. It was not universally loved by Gina and myself.

Perhaps I have some sort of chip on my shoulder, but it seems as though any time small town life is portrayed on the big screen, it's all wrong. Small towns are painted either as quaint and charming, or humble and hopeless. And while I'll agree that small towns definitely have those elements, they don't contain them in any larger quantity than larger towns or cities.

So while the film is painted as "the way the tragedy diminishes rather than enhances the town's sense of community", it seemed to me more like another take on the wickedness of lawyers and how they can take small town rubes.

A wasted couple of hours, I guess.

I should have spent the time finishing up Season 1 of HBO's The Wire, another show loved by critics (and everyone else), and met with apathy by my critical eye. It's not that The Wire is a bad show, it's just that it's not as good as the hype (and few things are).

Given the choice, I'd rather watch Deadwood, another HBO show, where I'm drawn to the characters and actually interested in how things will turn out. Sure, I've learned a lot about criminal investigation and drug running from The Wire, but as it turns out I really don't care.

I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the shows, if you have one.

07 January 2007


Gina and I saw Children of Men friday night. If you were considering going, do.

A two hour stomach punch of a movie. But in a good way.

I'll probably have to see it again.

05 January 2007

it's a fulham firesale

See you later, Luis Boa Morte. Aside from a spectacular game against Arsenal, Luis never did much to impress me. I might be tempted to call his play inconsistent, but truthfully I'd just say he was consistently average. So I'm sort of glad to see him go, they can use the money better elsewhere.

He didn't make sense as captain, that's for sure.

Get out of here, Collins John! Wait, nevermind.

Collins John is definitely inconsistent, but he's only 21. Maybe he's the next Louis Saha (62 games, 23 goals). Which just means when he comes around he'll be sold to Man U.

I own a Man U jersey. Bought it in Tokyo at a soccer shop across from Meiji Jingu in Harajuku. Didn't see the guys in the picture. Saw plenty of this sort of thing. Should have had Wayne Rooney's name put the jersey. Wayne Rooney is a fucking champ.

Fulham have brought in L'Aeroplanino ("The Little Aeroplane") on loan. Says he wants to stay, too. I don't really know anything about him other than what I just read on Wikipedia. VINCENZO MONTELLA!!! Sounds best when read aloud in an excited Italian voice. As do most things. I HAVE HEMORRHOIDIOS!* See?

No new news on Gooch. Fingers crossed....

I'd say this is the premier Fulham blog on the web. Go ahead, find another one. I dare you.

* * * * *

Italian for Hemorrhoids.

03 January 2007

and red roses

I'd go ahead and type up a year end record list if I could think of anything off the top of my head, but I can't. Instead I'll just say that I thought 2006 stunk for records.

A list will be coming anyway. It might even have footnotes*.

* * * * *

*This is a footnote.

I know they're just rumors...

Fulham looking to sign Oguchi Onyewu.

I know that I've got a few readers who don't follow US Soccer, and probably have no idea why I'd be excited that Fulham is looking to sign some dude with an African name... but Gooch is American, probably the best thing we've got going for US Soccer right now, and that makes 4* Americans on Fulham, and I'm going to pee myself.

I smell a bandwagon coming.

News: Don't get your hopes up.

* * * * *

*thanks torpor

02 January 2007

new year new you

Check any exercise based magazine this month, and somewhere on the cover it will say "New Year, New You". Probably Cosmo, too.

Fulham tied Chelsea Saturday. My Tivo was messed up and I missed it.

My tivo is now fixed, so I'll be able to watch it anyway....

Fulham also put in a bid for Clint Dempsey, as was rumored... for some reason I thought that this wasn't really going to happen. Anyway, next up for Fulham... Tony Meola. Just kidding.

Let's see... We drove back to Illinois Saturday afternoon, had dinner with Jim/Julie/Caroline, Jim and I went to Dandy Inn, then met Dave at Off Broadway in Trenton, Illinois. And we drank.

Sunday passed without even, until the evening when Gina and I drove over to St. Louis for a party, catching the early 9 PM fireworks while driving past the park. Met up with Jon and family for a very nice and entertaining night. It's always good to see Jon, and his family are all really great people, nice and interesting, and also robots.

I also met Jon's Miyuki, who was every bit as lovely and nice as she appears in pictures. Good job, Jon.

And yesterday I ate pizza. On the way back from Illinois, my song by song trip though my Ipod, which I started like 6 months ago, finally ended with some Nas song. I highly recommend the song order playlist for anyone tired of all the music on their Ipod. Anyway...

Here I am again. New Year, old me.