30 June 2010

Should the MLS be like the NFL and end with a tacky superspectacle, with moribund rock acts performing at half-time, while U.S. Air Force flies over their heads, the field is covered with the flag and Budweiser premiers commercials in which, say, a horse farts into a woman's face? Should the game be reshaped so as to allow commercials to be broadcast during each throw in? Should soccer competitions be redesigned so that teams/clubs play 162 games before the first relevant one, rendering most of them entirely, fantastically meaningless as in baseball? Should the offside rule be changed so that soccer games have basketball scores and the American viewer of the thumb-happy remote does not switch the channel too soon? Would it be necessary for the U.S. team to attain the world superiority of the U.S. basketball team, so that Americans can crush, say, Ghana (oh wait!) the way the U.S. basketball team crushed Mozambique a couple of Olympics ago, when Vince Carter jumped over the head of their center for a dunk and pumped his chest thereafter, because it appeared a great achievement to him to humiliate Mozambique’s players? (Indeed it did turn out to be the greatest achievement of his career.) Would the U.S. team, every time they played, have to make the world look small and underdeveloped and undemocratic and pitiful if not exposed to the eternal sunlight of American greatness?

21 June 2010

no more using this font

this is boring work from someone who's bored.
last night we saw toy story 3 because hey it's a movie and it was ok. guy next to me was crying at the end. not sure if it was that good.

yesterday i rode a bike and didn't bring water and it sucked at the end.


16 June 2010


just an idea i had, thrown together so i've got it noted.

i see no reason why i can't turn everything i participate in into a poster.

stay tuned for the "sweaty lawn mowing after riding a bike home from work" poster.

15 June 2010

all these people are dead anyway

today i stumbled across this.

as a result, this..

the event will feature lots of beer, tamales, burlesque bingo (probably), an old-timey strong man (probably), and more beer. since it's about half old-timey, i think the poster makes sense. i enjoy writing the small quips for each of us. be sure to click the image so you can actually read them.

the bit about hats at the bottom came out of nowhere. then i consulted wikipedia's hat entry to find some hat types. which is why they're in alphabetical order.

i wonder how they did this sort of thing way back then.

this is pretty much done

not the best thing i ever did by any means, but it was a challenge getting all the info on this thing.

maybe next time i'd use different fonts for the stuff in the middle.

this meal should be good.

next up, hbg4 event posters. more of them. probably.

14 June 2010

Times New Roman is the new new.

11 June 2010

10 June 2010

i like stripes and circles and bubbles and clouds

date is wrong on this one.

all this stuff is in a folder named "rip off"

quite a few ideas came out of that folder. "ideas"...

not my logo

i did do poster layout, so if that's crap it's all my fault...


09 June 2010