30 October 2007


As the dentist is reading off the list of possible side effects - dry socket, pain, numbness, paresthesia* - it occurs to me that all this - the high blood pressure, the panic, the queasiness - could be avoided be just keeping my wisdom teeth, which are perfectly fine anyway.

Five minutes later he's got a vice grip in my mouth. The whole idea of dentistry just seems so medieval to me - it's 2007 and we're using garage tools to pull things out of peoples' mouths? Can't we come up with some kind of tooth vaporizing laser?

Anyway, four days of swelling to follow. Yippee.

I'm standing in the lobby afterwards, and there's a girl standing in the opposite window, just staring at me, gauze in my mouth, and she looks absolutely terrified. Despite the fact that I'm 10 feet away, she just continues to stare - almost like she doesn't realize I can see her. I felt like Frankenstein's monster. Perfect for tomorrow. Not so great today.

* * * * *

*My friend had a band called Paresthesia when we were in high school. I guess they liked the sound of the word, because Paresthesia is "a sensation of tingling, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect, more generally known as the feeling of pins and needles or of a limb being "asleep" (but not directly related to the phenomenon of sleep)." (wikipedia) Dumb name for a band.

29 October 2007

Can't write... too busy eating.

22 October 2007


This blog is useless as anything other than a personal diary. Anyway.

Friday... oh - I had these restaurants.com certificates that I had acquired using my leftover United air miles, and one of the places on the list was Deano's, which is where we drink all the time. I had never had a full on meal at Deano's because the prices there are a little high, I think, but now, with the help of free money, I thought Gina and I might check that out. Plus I know that at Deano's I'll never have to wait in line to eat, which is something that I just don't like to do.

Anyway, we ate and had a few beers and it was all sort of whatever. Afterwards we headed home we were both asleep by 10 pm.

Saturday we got up nice and early and headed downtown to The City Cafe, for a breakfast using slightly unusual and tastily-fresh ingredients. Breakfast was $25 for the two of us (which is kind of high for breakfast I think), but that place in now my new favorite place ever, and I'll gladly continue to pay that. Every guest at my house is now going there.

I had some pancakes made with I don't know what with some squash butter sweet fruit I dunno awesome. The pancakes were served without syrup and didn't in any was need syrup and yeah it was just great.

Then we jumped in the car, heading north and listening to old This American Life episodes, on our way to Fort Wayne, IN and Warbird for a brewery tour. I'd write about the tour here but that's for the other blog. Afterwards someone put a ding in my car door and I don't want to talk about it. I did my best to stomach that whole thing. I'll probably go get an estimate today - I've got a scratch in my bumper that needed fixed anyway, though for some strange reason that was a lot easier to deal with.

After Warbird was a trip over to Mad Anthony Brewing Co for more beer and food. None of that was very remarkable, and one of our party found a twist tie in his chicken sandwich.

We got home around 8 or so Saturday evening, and we went to Kroger to buy cat food. Then I played FIFA till like 1 am.

Sunday I was awoke by the work pager, and had to make a trip downtown to fix a stupid thing. Then I drove out to Dunkin, watched my tivo'd Fulham match (0-0), and started into eating an endless parade of crap. Three donuts, leftover fried chicken pieces, over to UIndy for SIUE vs. UIndy (a 1-1 tie, entertaining), nachos at the game, over to Key Cinemas for Ten Canoes (um... nah) and a full bucket of popcorn, to Dairy Queen for a post-film ice cream cone, home for couch time and FIFA, Tell Me You Love Me, a bbq sandwich, and then... a full row of Oreos. I think I ate something else unhealthy in there too.

191 this morning. Usually I hover around 185. Lowest was 178, but that was last year.

Back on the wagon today, maybe - I've been saying that for a good month now. I'm gonna run tonight, I had taken a week or so off because of my cold.

Bikes are gaining appeal again, though only in pictures - I'm at 54 miles this month, which is like one and a half day's worth in June. Actually I did 640 miles in both May and June. Talk about falling off...

Thinking about hiring that trainer still.. After the DC trip.

18 October 2007

ridehorsey, roofing, and edward

Let's talk about "ridehorsey" again. For example, how would you pronounce ridehorsey? Is it ride horsey (two words)? Is it ridehorsey! (exclamation point)?

The exclamation point that ends up on the name on the site from time to time is sort of a joke - the joke being that putting an exclamation point on something makes it somehow more exciting, which we all know is generally not the case.

This reminds me of an old radio advert in St. Louis that went like this (just like you're about to read it): Hi-Fi. Fo-fum. Hi-fi-fo-fum, Exclamation point.

That's Hi-Fi Fo-Fum's tagline. Catchy, quick, and somehow unforgettable.

St. Louis had some catchy a few catchy ads - like this jingle (mp3) - "For a hole in your roof or a whole new roof..." which I just pulled from the html code of the Federic Roofing website. Try getting that out of your head - it's catchy, but somehow not annoying.

In Indy we get Broad Ripple Heating and Cooling's "Billy", a fake child character who harrasses everyone he knows about who they chose to work on their ducts.

And we've got Ed's mother, another poorly done voice, who thinks the world of her son Edward. Edward is so embarrassed he ends every commerical with "Oh Mom".

But as for jingles, or even taglines, I can't think of any that jump out for Indy. In fact, I'd say we've got a serious glut of jingles.

Of course I haven't forgotten "I am Indy", a sort of jingle propaganda campaign put forth by Gene Simmons and the Indy Racing League - but that's the worst kind of jingle: confusing, frightening, annoying, and (hopefully) forgettable.

So back to "ridehorsey". How do I think you should say it? I'd just say it's ridehorsey - one word, said very quickly and almost under your breath, like you're embarrassed to say it. That's how I've been saying it forever.

slow go

Been a little hectic this week...

This post over at Hoosier Beer Geek may be of special interest to my friend Jon (check the 12 Oct 07 entry). Do you remember? I certainly do.

* * * * *

Yesterday I looked at trips to Argentina. Maybe maybe.

15 October 2007


We got drunk at Tuxedo Park, some of us more than others. I got the hiccups and took a trip to the car to sleep them off. I'm a horrible drunk, and I'm going to start halving my consumptions. It's the only way.

Other than that... Gina and I ate at Cici's $6 pizza buffet last night. I was in the mood for death, and figured that a $6 pizza buffet was the hottest ticket. I was not incorrect - after eating like 5 plates of pizza, some of flavors I couldn't put a finger on (I did throw out one that honestly must have been "burnt plastic flavor"), I didn't eat again for the whole evening. That's truly rare. So I salute you, Cici - your pizza is truly horrible, but also truly wonderful. It's a crapenigma! Put that on the boxes.

I dunno. I should probably erase the whole weekend from my memory, really.

10 October 2007

now listening

The new Radiohead album seems to meet my expectations - at least on computer speakers.

FIFA 08 at lunch. Good day.

09 October 2007

now listening

I've just acquired Underworld's newest, Oblivion With Bells. I still recall the day Jon introduced me to Underworld, by way of Beaucoup Fish, minus Bruce Lee, which wouldn't fit onto a standard blank CDR.

It was a sort of turning point for me, in that prior to that album I wouldn't approach anything remotely danceable. And now I am a bit more open minded. So thanks to Jon for a valuable life lesson in openmindedness.

I'm sure my friend Jon would like a return of the favor, but life lessons are not easily returnable. Oh well.


I never made it to tailgating Sunday because I'm rockin' a cold, or maybe strep throat... I took off yesterday because my boss is headed to China and I didn't want to get him sick.

Instead of working I spent the day on the couch in a quilt burrito, watching Friday Night Lights season 1 and eating everything in sight. It maybe not feel like winter here, but I'm sure eating like it is.

Ok, I don't have anything interesting to say. The end.

05 October 2007

Futbol Tailgating

Gina and I have recently taken up tailgating with some friends from HBG - Week 1 saw the opening of the NFL season, an offer for tickets to the game ("This is the biggest game of the year besides the Patriots and you don't want tickets?"), and some fine food.

After having had such a good time the first time around, we decided to make it a regular event. We're still working on contributing somehow - it's always a little weird just showing up and eating everything, though I've been told it's ok. If you say so...

I suppose the odd thing is that we show up, eat, drink, and then go home, never watching the game. I just assume the Colts are going to win enough to make the playoffs, where I'll take up viewing. The NFL is too stop/start for my tastes.

This week, though - well, actually we weren't formally invited yet, but I'm showing up - the Colts game starts at 4:15, which coincides nicely with Fulham's match versus Portsmouth. For some stupid reason the networks haven't picked up that Fulham has a ton of American players, so of this month's run of games against opponents they should beat, this happens to be the only one on American television.

This pretty much kills me. I'm pretty attached now. Instead of watching, my options are watch a text recap of the game as it happens, or find the game streaming online... that's not very easy though.

Anyway, it'll be nice to tailgate for a game I have interest in. And maybe I'll do a shot of something and yell out "Fuck Pompy" instead of "Fuck the Bucs". It's tradition.

* * * * *

Remember when I was an RSL fan? Well, I'm still paying attention. RSL is out of the playoff picture now, which is only fitting since they're unbeaten in their last four (I think) games. I seem to remember them getting good at the end of last year, so I don't expect the success to carry over. They finally hired a GM to replace Steve - speaking of Steve, he's writing part of Fodor's guide to Yellowstone. I think it was Fodor's anyway. How do you go from MLS GM to Fodor's writer? He still hasn't really explained that.

03 October 2007

you used to be alright - what happened?*

I feel like I owe quite a bit of my current physical health to the soccer I played back in high school. While I wasn't the best player, I did learn sacrifice, competitiveness, and how to bear with things that just pretty much suck - skills that help me stick with the working out.

But something happened in my time away from soccer - although back in my high school and even into the college years (indoor) I played as a defender, I now have completely lost the feel for it. I find myself backing off loose balls instead of running through them, backing off the offensive player instead of forcing action, and generally just acting cowardly altogether.

As a defender my mindset had always been DESTROY!, a method that is a bit brutal, but generally works pretty well as long and you're not too wreckless. Nowadays my defending mindset seems to be Ooh! Poke your toe at the ball and flap your arms like a girl!, which I'm just hoping doesn't look like it does in my head.

How has this happened? I've got a few theories. The first would be that in my old age (I'm the oldest guy playing by 3 or 4 years, at least when John's not there), I've become frail, and afraid of injury. The second theory is that since this is pickup coed soccer, running around trying to break legs isn't the best idea. The third theory is that I'm a girl.

As a result of my poor defending, I'm playing a bit more up top these days. While I don't know really know anything about attacking, I'm am picking up how to make space from my premiership viewing. I'm also learning that when you can only go right (I'm the Derrik Zoolander of soccer), you're pretty easy to stop. So maybe I should work on that.

The other thing I've learned is how completely out of shape I am. The biking and running are all nice, but when it comes down to moving at a pace faster than you're comfortable at, that's when you see where your fitness really is.

And mine is somewhere back at the age of 18.

*title contains radiohead lyrics

02 October 2007

i haven't written at music lately

Here's a list of albums I listen to regularly as of late:

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black (only when running, actually)
Bat for Lashes: Fur and Gold (it's like good PJ Harvey and good Bjork had a baby, sorta)
Black Moth Super Rainbow: Dandelion Gum (reminds me of Air, or something)
The Good, The Bad, and The Queen (relaxed)
Les Savy Fav: Let's Stay Friends (I don't know if I like this)
Liars: Liars (better)
Peter Bjorn and John: Writer's Block (very nice)
The Ponys: Turn the Lights Out (great)
Spank Rock: YoYoYoYoYo (a hip hop album I enjoy greatly. so that's like 2)
Spoon: Gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaga (I'm up in the air on this one)
Thurston Moore: Trees Outside the Academy (still new, so I dunno...)


oh yeah

One thing I failed to mention in my gripping weekend wrap-up was that Gina and I paid a visit to the 86th Street Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries location on Friday evening.

I'd heard a bit about Five Guys from - well really I have no idea where - and thought that we should check it out. One of the things about living the big city life (ha) is that the sorts of crap (but tasty!) mom and pop foods that are readily available in small town USA are pretty hard to find.

An example? Fried chicken. Sure you can get fried chicken from KFC or Church's or whatever, but the sort of fried chicken you might find at Good Ol' Days or Trenton House isn't really advertised in the city - and without someone testing out the local bar and grill, you really have no way of finding it. We don't have any idea where to start, really.

The same thing goes with hamburgers - the sort of hamburger that's fresh, probably about 65% fat, and cooked on an old dirty surface (it's not really a grill, is it?). You can get sort of close at Steak n' Shake, but not really close at all... the idea is the same, but the food isn't quite it. Indy locals might point to Workingman's Friend - and that's pretty damn close... But Five Guys is closer. And actually, better, maybe, than that bar burger from the middle of nowhere.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily for my diet), they've got a southside Five Guys location on the way. Or maybe it's open already. We didn't try the fries (fried in peanut oil - which I'm over because I've had that before at Penn Station) or even the peanuts (which are free and you're supposed to throw on the floor - no one else was doing it though).

In addition to the local Dunkin' Donuts, which I plan to visit Saturday mornings before Fulham Football, I forsee gaining about 90 pounds this winter. GREAT! Just what I needed.

* * * * *

We've become an official Nielsen family - they're attaching the box sometime in the next month... Gina's taking care of all of that, so whatever. Soccer ratings are going to go through the roof, because Gina doesn't actually watch much TV.

BIG BROTHER IS NOW WATCHING. Should I be embarrassed because I regularly watch HBO's new Handjob Show? It's actually called Tell Me You Love Me, but I call it the Handjob Show because it once featured a Handjob. Handjob. Handjob.

I dunno. Gina doesn't wanna watch the Handjob Show. She also doesn't wanna watch the Friday Night Lights tv series, which I bought on dvd this weekend. I heard it was good. It was $20. Worth a shot.

* * * * *

There's a funny Moritz Volzy-penned article in the Times O' London:
That said, I remember being on the team bus with Germany Under15s on the way to a game against Turkey. It’s a big game, so we we had to be psyched up. As we approached the stadium, Eye of the Tiger came on the stereo, so we got the driver to crank it up. We were punching the air, punching the seats, punching each other. Turkey beat us 4-1. That was the last time music was used as part of pre-match preparation in the Motherland.

* * * * *

I've been spelling nielsen as nielson the whole time. And that was wrong, so I went back and edited all my posts.

01 October 2007


friday night - hmm. oh. trader joe's, partipak liquors, kroger, then watched the car chase scenes in deathproof. gina did not enjoy them.

saturday - up fairly early for fulham/chelsea (a zero zero tie. not much to say.) then i forget what else. oh we went to target. i came back home, fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm, didn't wake until like 1 am. then i killed a couple hours online, did some reading, went to bed, woke at 11 am....

sunday - tailgating with hbg folks, back home to eat, watched 3:10 to yuma for $5 at southside Kerasotes theater. the movie was good until the end when it became very implausable. what'r you gonna do. home, video games, and found out radiohead is releasing their new album next week. i am, as usual, way too excited. they're releasing it online, for whatever price you want to pay. you want to pay $0? they'll give it to you. what a wonderfully inventive band.

that said, i paid $10. RESPECT. except the payment processing is a bit of a mess, i think. i sent an email to the folks behind the curtain - i've dealt with them before in getting concert tickets. there's only like two of them. anyway.

i was supposed to run my two-mile saturday (anxious to see my time - i think i'm running 8 minute miles now, which I believe is very very slow... it's gotta be. gotta start somewhere), but i fell asleep, and then yesterday i drank in the afternoon and was shot for anything involving movement. i was vegetative. lucky i stayed awake through the movie. so perhaps tonight? depends on rain.

haven't ridding a bike since last wednesday(?)

pickup soccer tomorrow. will kill me.

think i should move somewhere? got any suggestions? must be somewhere else in indy, or west of indy. i must admit the thought of collinsville having an mls team leads to thoughts of living in st. louis again. i suggested that i plan to retire to trenton someday (you know when i'm like 60) and gina vetoed. whatever. the world's gonna end in 2012.