29 July 2010

i give up

i'm now on blood pressure medicine and my ear thing is still not right.

better medicine than heart attack, i suppose.

27 July 2010


This past weekend i took an intro to velodrome sort of class at Major Taylor, where I learned a) I like bikes and b) racing on a velodrome is hard but fun.

From here I could a) start intro racing on thursday nights or b) do nothing. a requires a new bike. i love new bikes, and a track bike is the sort of affordable that i can handle.

but i've got something bigger and more involved on my plate now, a collaborative effort that i hope will make an overall improvement to my overall wellbeing, an extensive exercise effort that might be long overdue. so velodrome racing is on hold.

velodrome bicycling buying, on the other hand...

21 July 2010

get the hell out of here.

14 July 2010

yesterday, while visiting the doctor in hopes of clearing the unclearable, i was also made aware that my blood pressure is out of control.

this was not welcome news. the news i was hoping for was "here, i will clear the mess out of your ears and you will be normal again", not "if you have any symptoms of heart attack you need to call 911" and "check your blood pressure at your local pharmacy every couple of days, take notes, and come back to see me in two weeks".

i suppose that's how doctors work, though. they remind you that you're going to die.

not me though.

not enough this lately:

it's indiana beer week, which means gina and i are on a weeklong quest to accomplish what i'm not sure. it involves a week of drinking every evening and then putting on a beer festival (oh, 5000 or so people attending) with friends.

i am taking a break on this evening's leg.

to say that this blood pressure thing doesn't freak me out a bit would be a lie. i do not see myself as someone who takes drugs on a regular basis, regardless of my family history. i see myself as someone who instead just works harder.

so that's what i'll do.

12 July 2010

our future, your clutter

still infected. water in the ear feeling. i can hear myself breathe. it's annoying.

over the past two weeks i've ridden my bike once. this coming saturday is the IN microbrewer's festival, and the following saturday i'll be at a track clinic at the major taylor velodrome. the clinic makes me a bit nervous, but it should be good for my bike handling skills. plus i think it'll be fun to ride on the velodrome once.

and so.

did another poster recently.

this isn't exactly original, but it's what they asked for.

09 July 2010

this week will go down in history as the week i got strep throat and an ear infection and was incapacitated for five straight days.

i do not get sick often, and when i do i turn into a cake of physical misery with a nice emotional (OH MY GOD WHAT IF I EVER GET REALLY SICK!?!?) ice cream side.

if that does ever happen (i actually get sick), hide the cyanide pills.


still dealing with the ear infection. it feels like like i've got little elves pulling on my ears. i feel slighty retarded, as well. and my head is in a cottony cloud of yuck.

come on antibiotics.