24 November 2008


friday i ate pizza from walmart
saturday i brined a turkey and ate at brugge upstairs
sunday i ate some crap mushroom soup for lunch and then we had hbg thanksgiving at the house and the turkey and food was awesome and the beer so-so.
today i start at NIFS.

21 November 2008


fulham's gonna beat liverpool tomorrow.

19 November 2008

Slowly scratching off the list

Yesterday I went to the National Institute of Fitness and Sport (NIFS) and looked into a membership... they've got all sort of programs and testing and anyway I've got a two week trail membership. And then I'll sign up - I'm hoping I can do something a little more cycling specific.

We'll see.

18 November 2008

albert pujols just got awesomer

Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols has joined the proposed St. Louis MLS ownership group headed by Jeff Cooper, the Post-Dispatch has learned.


17 November 2008

weekend past

went to schlafly, got a bunch of beer at extremely agreeable prices. it's a tough life.

that's about it.

10 November 2008


on the way to work this morning i had a confrontation with some mean dudes. luckily, the whole event was caught on video:

ps. my new haircut makes me look like an asian female. i know.

06 November 2008

let's make a list of things i said i was going to do and then didn't

1) join gym + hire trainer
2) custom bicycle
3) get my financialness financey
4) become the first black president

and this is just stuff that's still on my radar. remember when i said i was going to build a treehouse out of bananaskins? yeah, i totally dropped the ball there.

what else? let's make this post a tribute to my ongoing failure.

05 November 2008

have you heard about the election

The guy that won is BLACK. Oh my gosh.

I'm really looking forward to a time when that's not noteworthy at all.