27 May 2010


that's what the scale said last night.

i'm all talk, little action as of late. every week i say to myself "next week, i'm gonna hit the bike hard, i'm gonna stop eating crap..."

i'm convinced that i can't eat like normal people. if i eat like normal people i put on weight. or maybe i binge in the middle. i dunno. normal people are overweight.

this is a very bloggy blog post.

11 May 2010


the updates to this are fewer and farther between because i'm busy with stuff like hbg and taco rides and drinking and while that's all fun and exciting, it's documented elsewhere.

in any case, i use my link lists on the right quite a bit, so getting rid of the page doesn't make sense.

so i'm sorry if it's of no use to you.

news you may have missed:

i did initial can design for sun king brewery's newest offering, Cream Dream (or Creme Dream, I forget)
i'm designing posters and tickets for the indiana microbrewers festival (quite a bit of exposure there)
work bought me a blackberry
work gave me a substantial pay bump
i decided to spend the summer eating and biking here and there and taking it easy
every week is filled with too much to do
many mornings i make my way to work and think "i have so much to be thankful for"
i have almost as many twitter followers as there are citizens of trenton, IL (that's pretty odd)
fulham is in the europa final (i hesitate to mention it because i haven't yet and i'm very superstitious)

here are some pictures of posters yet to be finished:

I'm listening to LCD Soundsystem, Nirvana Live at Reading, and... whatever. Charlotte Gainsbourg, I guess.

I recently negotiated to help open a restaurant in st. louis, but the conversation took place of cell phone, and i was drinking.

so that one's not exactly likely.