22 July 2011

I want no one, no one wants me

I guess I should write down somewhere that this was the year when I started being ridiculously allergic to the dumbest stuff. Like the fact that I break out when I go on bike rides and get hot. Or that sometimes I'll just look at my arm and realize the whole thing is broken out in hives. Or that after particularly hot bike rides I get genuine heat rash.

I have no idea where any of that came from, but my usual healthy techniques of saying "hey fuck that, i'm healthy" (see my blood pressure, for which I stopped taking medicine less than a month into the prescription) doesn't really work when there's a thing growing all over your skin.

so. yeah.

but seriously. fuck that.

19 July 2011

that's done

all of hbg's festival events are done for the year. they all went well. missions accomplisheds.

now i look at my vacation days remaining and try to solve for portland.

oh here's something:

that last one ain't done.