29 November 2007

On my dresser is a pile of cds that I've been meaning to get back to - Jeff Buckley's Grace, Jimi Hendrix's Axis Bold As Love, Wu Tang Forever, an Autechre album, something from REM, Kid A, and Tool's Aenima.

Today I pulled Aenima from the stack and listened to it on the way to work. It's pretty good but it's missing mids - it's like all bass and treble.

Well, this has been an exciting post, hasn't it? And now I'm going to bang my head against my desk.

26 November 2007

hmm hmm

I asked about taking 2 months off work in 2009 for transamerica bike trip today... Boss seemed to be ok with the idea, but he said he wasn't sure what company policy would be there.

So... just gotta keep on it.

2 months for Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier route looks like it wouldn't be enough time - 4295 miles by 60 days would be 71.58 miles per day - completely doable, but when you figure in decompression and travel time to get to a start point, plus the obligatory post ride two day party... we'll...

The Southern Tier, on the other hand, 3159 miles, is 52.65 miles per day at 60 days... which would give a lot more time for doing a lot of loafing around - which would be a lot better, I think.

I like the Northern route better because it hits the North East - I haven't been up there at all. But maybe I can take a couple weeks next year and hit that stuff on a route from Indianapolis - might be a nice litmus test for the transamerica ride. That'd be like 1200 miles over two or so weeks... 85.71 miles per day. Fast paced, but maybe sustainable over two weeks. Dunno.

I wonder what Jon is thinking.

First I'll need a new bike, though.

21 November 2007

Got about 4 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket?

Buy a building in Fountain Square and do this. Be sure to check out the photos.

20 November 2007

putting the ride in ridehorsey

anybody up for a cross country bike ride? looks like this. i figure 3 months off, for a leisurely and adventure-abled pace. 2008 or 2009.

19 November 2007

I'm faster than any of those other Indy blogs.

John's Hot Stew to replace Maurto's Loading Dock in Stutz building. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

NOW GO READ hoosierbeergeek.com

16 November 2007

yay cold

This week, with the running and biking, have made it very difficult for me to walk up and down steps.

I rode to work this morning. It was 28 degrees. I took an hour from the time I sat down at my desk for my legs to go back to a normal temperature.

Running in the cold is much more comfortable than running in the heat.

I just sneezed on my hand and I need a tissue.

15 November 2007

More exciting St. Louis Soccer United News

Hello, Jim, you're probably the only one still reading.

I'd write about this myself, but the link is more interesting anyway. The top three soccer academies in the St. Louis area have combined under the St. Louis MLS team banner.

This is also good news for St. Louis University and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville's soccer teams, because under NCAA rules the players could train with both their college and club teams.

14 November 2007

Back on the Wagon

After taking a good month or two off from all forms of exercise, I've started everything up again. Monday I took a wet ride to and from work on my underused bicycle - I'm at 107 rides for 2,747.05 miles at an average of 17.29 mph for the year. I'd like to get to at least 3000 miles on the year, under the logic that the amount you spend on your bicycle should equal roughly the amount of miles you ride it - 3000 miles justifies a $3000 bicycle.

I'm not buying a $3000 bicycle, of course, but I am looking at the 2008 Kona Sutra ($1199), the Trek 520 ($1239), and the Surly Long Haul Trucker ($?) as possible bikes for commuting and the bike ride across America that I've been kicking around in my head forever - but that'll require a 3 month work hiatus to do right.

I also ran a couple miles last night - I was on a plan to work my way to regular 5k running (3+ miles) before I starting making excuses not to exercise. Luckily I was able to push through and complete the two mile run without any walking, which puts me right back where I left off. That was quite a surprise.

So hopefully I'll continue with this plan, alternating running and bike commuting days, and I'll fight off the extra 10 I've gained, plus some. I've found that attempting to consistently eat well just doesn't hold up for me - I don't have the willpower lately - so exercise is the answer. Exercise is always the answer though.


13 November 2007

waiting for jason to tell me this isn't possible

Today I'm looking at homes, because it's something I do pretty often really... but finding what I want is this, "a compact, affordable house that connected with the outdoors" through the creative use of windows, open space, and the magic of concrete flooring. The folks who built this house paid $110,000 all told, in Austin, where I'd guess land costs a little bit more than Indy.

I'm sure there a quite a few things about that design that won't work in Indy, but somehow there's gotta be something along those lines that works here, in an affordable sort of way.

* * * * *

Ooh, pretty. And in Arkansas, of all places.

I like this one too.

But I'm willing to bet these would be a lot more expensive.

09 November 2007


boom bop she-do

06 November 2007

no knew

The last month has been pretty up in the air and weird and unsettled for me - but after we get back from DC things are going right back to the old normal.

I'm glad. I've felt unbalanced all month.

02 November 2007

Old news

So we didn't end up being a Neilsen family after all - the gentleman came out to interview Gina, and our renter John was also home. The Neilsen guy asks John what he does, John tells him about the comedy, and then the conversation turns to TV and radio, and because John is a fairly regular guest on Bob and Tom (among other radio shows), we're disqualified.

Fine, I didn't want to tell you when I move my XBox anyway, Neilsen - Just one of the Neilsen rules that I don't understand.


Off to DC tomorrow, I'm gonna sit in Lincoln's Lap and maybe sign my name on the declaration of independence.

01 November 2007