16 November 2007

yay cold

This week, with the running and biking, have made it very difficult for me to walk up and down steps.

I rode to work this morning. It was 28 degrees. I took an hour from the time I sat down at my desk for my legs to go back to a normal temperature.

Running in the cold is much more comfortable than running in the heat.

I just sneezed on my hand and I need a tissue.


Anonymous said...

Hells yeah, I love running in the cold. It numbs the pain in your legs, your body doesn't feel slogged in sweat, and it seems like you can run much faster and longer. Until you hit that point where the temperature makes your lungs hurt. Then that's no fun.

Hey, you plan on doing any running races soon?


Mike said...

no races for me - maybe someday down the road, but right now it's just exercise. plus the fact that my running form is pretty much brutal.