31 October 2008



crazy dutch coin

hey who's your favorite band

tell me about him/her/it/them.

i have a regular post morning ride to work ritual, in which i pour a 24 oz bottle of diet coke into a never-cleaned 10 oz glass and drink from it until i've made my way through the whole bottle. i don't know why, but this diet coke is really good. and if i try to drink one from the soda machine (vs from the breakfast truck), it's not the same.

do you think barack obama looks like he's aged about 10 years in the last 10 months? if john mccain did that he'd look like Methuselah.

I just typed Methuselah because it's a good sounding name, but then I looked him up on wikipedia and it turns out he's the oldest person of age mentioned in the Hebrew bible. He died at the age of 969.

30 October 2008

no bike today

I slept in.

Knock on wood.

I almost bought another bike today because the deal was unbelievable. But then I didn't. I feel responsible.

29 October 2008


same getup as yesterday, except short sleeve jersey because my new pi longsleeve is alerady starting to fade from washing it everyday.

i mean, whatever.

28 October 2008

4 me

Playoff Schedule
Quarterfinals - 1st Leg
-Thu Oct 30
New England v Chicago - 6:30pm central on ESPN2
Venue: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA
-Sat Nov 1
New York v Houston - 4pm central on Direct Kick
Venue: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
Salt Lake v Chivas - 5pm central on FSC
Venue: Rio Tinot Stadium, Sandy UT
Kansas City v Columbus - 7pm central on HDNet
Venue: Community America Ballpark, Kansas City KS
Quarterfinals - 2nd Leg
-Thu Nov 6
Chicago v New England - 7:30pm central on ESPN2
Venue: Toyota Park, Bridgeview IL
-Sat Nov 8
Columbus v Kansas City - 6:30pm central on HDNet
Chivas v Salt Lake - 9:30pm central on FSC
-Sun Nov 9
Houston v New York - 2pm central on TeleFutura
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

30 degrees feels like 25 degrees

specialized vented road shoes, pearl izumi toe covers, defeet wool socks, performance windfront tights, nike climacool longsleeve turtleneck, pearl izumi quest longsleeve jersey, castelli freddo jacket, performance undergloves, pearl izumi zephrr overgloves, performance helmet liner, SUNGLASSES with orange lenses (because somehow I lost the clears)

everything seemed to work pretty well. annoying shrinkage issues once i got to work and started to warm back up, but not unbearable.

wind should be interesting going back home.

27 October 2008

24 October 2008

and you will know us by the trail of bread

here comes the weekend. and rain. i will celebrate by buying clothes. so that i look more grownupish.

23 October 2008


Gina and I have a double tonight when we head up north to participate in the good beer show at Ram before we head over to old town ale house for a hoosier beer geek thing.

want to create a social life out of nothing? get into beer.

speaking of, i've got a lot at my house. pictures on the other side of this link.

i'm about due to host some folks from home at my house and maybe we can drink some?

who the hell reads this anymore? other than mark and dave. and my friends in tennessee.

21 October 2008


despite the fact that i currently have five or more pieces of art still lying in their shipping envelopes, i just bought another.

i like this. i also like the other one in this series...

but i did not buy it.

luckily gina did.

bike notes

this morning: 40ish, full tights, base layer, long sleeve jersey, full finger gloves, wool socks, shoe covers

just about perfect, I think.

20 October 2008

kicking around the idea of writing a book

bike notes

temp this morning was supposed to be that 35-45 range, so i wore the full finger gloves, and a baselayer as well just in case, and i was still way cold. maybe a hat would be a good idea. and toe covers. for future reference.

this weekend we didn't do much. friday night we went to siam in fountain square (whatever) and then deano's and were good and and worn out by 9:30, at which point we went home and went to bed. asleep by 10, i'd guess. we are old.

work up saturday at like 11:30 or so, had some folks over to drink some of the beer from colorado, finished up that by 7, got a hamburger from steak n shake, caught up on the tivo'd stuff, bed at 2 am.

sunday up at 10, bike by 11:30, set up an account on daily plate to track my intake, went and bought up groceries for the $50/week men's health plan (good food), spent $100 instead of $50 somehow. went home, made the food for monday, played some fifa, continued reading the rider (awesome fucking book), asleep, up at 5:30 am (or so) to bike in to work again...

rinse and repeat.

17 October 2008

bike notes

riding to work again. just bought a pearl izumi getup - long sleeve jersey, bib knicker tights, new shoes (though i haven't worn those yet). today's ride to work temperature: 48 feels like 45. but that's at 10AM, with the sun up, so I'd guess it was 40ish. my hands got cold but not unbearably so, maybe the full finger gloves would be a good idea. arrived at work barely sweaty, didn't have to towel off long at all, and hair was pretty much dry.

so my advice to myself for 35-45 degree temperatures: long sleeve jersey, bib knicker or full bib tights, regular socks and shoes, full finger gloves, no helmet liner.

15 October 2008

death magnetic

so one thing i haven't covered here that's worth addressing is that i f'ing love the new metallica album, which is just about the best metallica album anyone could expect out of metallica at this point in their career. a return to the form of metallica pre-the black album.

anyway, for all us in that old highschool group, i'd highly recommend it. i wonder what brent thinks? i should call him. and does jim brown listen to music anymore? i played it for nate but he didn't say a whole lot..

anyway. yes. awesome.
talked to a man about another bike yesterday, waiting to hear if it's doable.

if not? maybe i'll buy something else equally unneeded.

a smart person would save, what with the end of the world coming and the whatnot, but i am not...

ps. 23 skidoo.

14 October 2008


spent last week in colorado, that reads like this.

now i am back home. ok.

06 October 2008


much like the chicago cubs, i've taken a week off.

02 October 2008

holy cow! is this a piece of crap.

I mean, I knew Eddie Vedder was a parody of himself these days, but this thing?


01 October 2008


Just got this from Bicycle Garage:
Important Bicycling Announcement by Mayor Ballard on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008, 9:30am

I am pleased to announce a watershed event for bicycling - Mayor Ballard will soon have a press conference where he will announce his intention to make Indianapolis a bicycle friendly city and endorse the 4-phase bike lane plan for the City of Indianapolis. This plan, currently dubbed Indy Bikeways, will provide over 200 miles of bike lanes in Marion County over the next 15 years.

We want to make sure that as many cyclists as possible come to this event to show our support for the Indy Bikeways Plan! This is the best way to say thanks to Mayor Ballard for this endorsement and to assure him this is a popular decision among his constituents. His announcement will occur on Wednesday, Oct 15th at 9:30 am and will be held in the triangular park formed by the intersection of Mass Ave and Michigan Street (just north across the street from the Athenaeum). His announcement coincides with the start of the bike lane striping for New York and Michigan Streets. This project, along with the bike lanes on Allisonville Road, represents Phase 1 of the Indy Bikeways Plan.

More details will be provided as we close in on this important announcement but be sure to get it on your calendar now!

now i will tell you about cars i'd like to own

this is some real shit right here:

jeep cherokee (any ol' year will do): I dig the jeep cherokee because it's a timeless piece of boxy design. any year would do, perhaps even one from 1921 with wooden wheels. jeep cherokee is awesome because it's named after indians. they should name all cars after groups of people, i think. new chevy caucasian. honda comptrollers. hyundai cripples. ford john mccain voters.

1971 porsche 911: i like all 911s, but this one in particular because of the way the blinker/parking lights meet up with those vents. I dunno. I dig it. Also I picture myself wearing leather gloves while driving this one. then later i kill a bunch of people and discard the leather gloves in a bush. sorry, i watched zodiac last night.

1983ish BMW M3: When I was a kid I liked a few cars in particular - the Mazda Miata (which I now own), any BMW 3 series, and the mercury zephyr. ok, i didn't like the zephyr, but i should have, because ZEPHYR. Anyway, the 1983 M3 is pretty cool, and someday I'd like to own one, and what's stopping me? NOTHING.

Chevy S-10 (1993ish? to whenever they killed it): For a while I had one of these on borrow from my Dad though even though that wasn't all that long ago, I don't remember why. In any case, it was basic transportation at it's most basic, and I kinda dug that. That whole basic transportation idea is kinda why I haven't cleaned my Miata in like 4-6 months. Because dust = basic. And because I like the idea of having a fun car and not giving a crap about it. Isn't that what America is all about? Having nice things and rubbing them in the face of the less fortunate? And while I'm at it, check out my house, homeless person. I DON'T EVEN VACUUM.

Ok, I vacuum. But I can stop any time I want to.

BMW Z3 (or M) COUPE: I think this is the most awesome car ever, because it's kinda like a station wagon, except it's not. And it's ugly in all the ways that I dig. And I'm going to buy one of these for sure. Some day. And then I'm going to ramp it off the Arch into the Mississippi, and then it'll turn into a submarine, and I'll blow up that stupid McDonald's boat, which I think isn't even there anymore.

that's enough for now.