28 December 2010

year in review 2010

Top 10 Kroger Brand (Big K) diet sodas discovered in 2010.
1. Diet Ginger Ale
2. Big K Zero (or whatever they call their Coke Zero copy)
3. Big K Diet Citrus Drop
4. Big K Diet Orange is the worst one. This list is not 10.

Top 10 New (to me) places to eat in Indy 2010.
1. Tamale Place
2. Southside Mexican grocery place
3. Monday Night Taco Ride Taco Cart
4. Tortas
5. Square Rootz (maybe that should be higher)

Top 10 Names of Hoppy Beers That I'm making up right now (and one from yesterday)
1. Hopspital
2. Orange County cHoppers
It was at this point I found a list on the internet of words with "hop" in them.
280 words found.

3. The ArchbisHOP
4. BakesHOP
5. Frédéric cHOPIN
6. Chinese cHOPstick
7. ClodHOPper
8. Mott the HOPple
9. HOPScrotch
10. LitHOPhane
11. MorpHOPhonemics
12. MuttoncHOPs
13. MytHOPoeia
14. OnycHOPhoran
15. OrtHOPaedic Insert
16. PatHOPhysiologic
17. Pawnshop
18. PhospHOProtein
19. PsycHOPath
20. RockHOPper
21. SHOPboy
22. SHOPgirl
23. SHOPhroth
24. SHOPlifting
25. SweatsHOP
26. TrocHOPhore
27. WHOPped
28. WoodcHOPper
29. XantHOPhyll

more later maybe

07 December 2010

got this in the mail yesterday

ordered this like 6 months ago, after they finally got it right (production problems) it showed up in my mailbox... very nice.

this is not the face i made. nor am i as thin as this gentleman.

rode to work

current temps: 13 feels like 3

rapha winter cap
rapha base
rapha winter jersey
showers pass elite jacket
rapha bib knickers
brand p winter bib tights
specialized radiant gloves
defeet wooleator socks
specialized road shoes
endura overshoe

toes got a little cold towards the end of the ride, and face was cold as usual, but i kept decently warm. legs were pretty damn red when i got undressed. that's why i keep long underwear at work.

worth noting that this was probably my first time on the bike in more than a couple months, and it's not like i got many miles in in the time before that, either.

probably weight 205ish right now, that's not a good place for me to be (as my clothes are starting to not fit).

pretty rough riding in, rode off the shoulder in the fog of early morning tiredness/low light/overweight and outta shape.

it only gets better...

06 December 2010

Vietnam 1

I've had this idea in my head for a while that at some point I'll retrace Dad's route through Vietnam by way of bicycle. I don't have a ton of info on where or what he did, but my Mom recently acquired a map at the family reunion - so I think I've got a jumping off point, anyway..