26 May 2011

Thumbs down

We are rapidly approaching both the Brewers of Indiana Guild Festival(s) and the Ride Across Indiana. I feel underprepared for both.

And while I may be underprepared, I'm also unconcerned. I may not to the RAIN ride this year, we've (ironically enough) got entirely too much RAIN to get any miles in. And I'm lazy. And I've been busy with vacations or whatever. Upland. Whatever.

Weight was 210 the day after vacation. Not good. Also.. whatever.

My brother signed off on his new house yesterday. I'm worried about mine being leveled by a tornado. Next house will have a tornado shelter. Count on it.

12 May 2011

political post for madonna to write

here we are, about a week away from my brother's wedding, and i've got a best man speech to write.

initially i thought this one would be hard, but life lessons are pretty formulaic.

so the outline goes:

shared history
lessons learned
the road ahead is better yet

i've done this once before, for cousin curt, and that was pretty much the formula. i think i end up talking about myself as much as i do the groom, but as far as i can tell that's the only way to do it, because frame of reference is really all you've got to work with when you're talking about someone else.

or maybe i've got a big head.


so last weekend we threw our 4th tailgate for nothing event, which is just a parking lot party with really good beer and food. 100ish people attended throughout the day, and most folks really enjoyed themselves.

i had a conversation with a guy i've met before, and he thanked me for the events we do and for being me. "i like your honesty. some people think you're a dick, but you're just laying it out there.."

honestly, i had no idea that people thought i was a dick. the LAST thing i want to be is a dick.

a guy that playfully pokes? yes. a guy with snappy comebacks? definitely. a dick? ouch.

so i wondered... does everyone see me that way? is it because i'm too quiet? is it because when i do start talking i'm a smartass? i don't know. but maybe i need to fix something?

i really thought i was pretty damn friendly.