22 January 2010

love letter to mark

Dear Mark,

Sometimes late at night I lie in bed and think about what could have been. And I never think of you. I guess that means we're not meant for each other.



18 January 2010


this morning: 28 feels like 23, winds w/sw 10ish. a little foggy/wet.

getup: toe covers, oversocks, wool socks
leg warmers, rapha knickers, baselayer, rapha winter jersey, rapha winter cap, performance gloves, pi overgloves.


for the month, mileage (guessing):

02 jan 23
05 jan 23
06 jan 23
13 jan 23
16 jan 30
18 jan 23

145 miles so far. not too shabby..

weighed 196 this morning. perhaps i should stop eating crap.

12 January 2010

this month and the month prior we've (the hbg folks) been putting together the brewers of indiana guild winterfest, lining up the breweries attending as well as the volunteers who will staff the event.

for this we will be paid.

we'll also be doing the summer event, same stuff.

and we'll be paid for that as well.

the end result is a budget that means that our larger drinking expenses are covered by money earned putting together our prior larger drinking expenses. kinda sorta.

we're under contract for a year.