24 March 2010

i know what i want for xmas...

17 March 2010


I present HBG KOTBR #100:


nothing new nothing new

i was tired of julia child leading the page.

01 March 2010

pushups what pushups

part of the problem with a regular diet of craft beer events is that often times you'll arrive at home at 11:30 pm and think "fuck i gotta do pushups?" and then you won't

back on the pushup wagon next week, though.

rode to work today. that was ok.


last week (on a pushup night) i was headed back home and hit a really nice pothole, the kind that immediately flats both driver's side tires.

$402 later i have a new set of rear tires (after rotation)

didn't really have that money to throw out the window. i did have it in savings for bike parts.