31 May 2008


23.11 miles, 1:23:59, avg 14.91

rode downtown to work to see if bike commuting is doable... looks good, no knee issues, just a severe lack of cardiovascular fitness.

I probably would have been faster but its' crazy windy. Anyway. Definitely not 100%, but it doesn't seem that far off, really.

last night

"So I've decided I'm just going to use the blog to keep track of every mean thing you do to me."

"Well at least you'll have content."

30 May 2008


We are in Kroger, because I've run out of deodorant. I check over the aisle carefully, looking for the best per ounce deal on deodorant.

"Ooh... musk."

"Don't buy the musk."

"I'm totally buying the musk. Which musk? Smell this."


"I'm buying both these. See what you've conditioned me to do? If you were checking out perfume and I said 'I really like that one' you'd put it down and buy something else."

* * * * *

I'm in the bathroom, considering my musk options.

"Sex panther or.... what's this one again?"


"Love Tiger. I'm going with the Sex Panther, though."

28 May 2008


Still not a lot to say. I've been playing Bioshock and eating a lot. Eating is AWESOME.

22 May 2008

i am not dead

i've been busy with a lot of nothing or something. i dunno. i'm ever more boring than normal.

bought a pair o' wheels for the LeMond today, still need a seat... at this point it's pretty much read for rebuild but i'm still kicking around upgrades.

went to the doctor yesterday and was finally able to remove the tape over my incisions. that was nice. i was then told not to ride a bike yet. looking like RAIN might be impossible...

theoretically i should be riding 76.8 miles this saturday. i would guess i'm capable of ten very uncomfortable miles if it was a must do... so.. yeah. maybe i should go ahead and cancel that hotel reservation.

Gina and I have decided to go to GABF in October... it's going to be expensive but it sounds like (from those who we know who have gone) it's worth it. i don't want beer to overtake my life but it appears that it has a deathgrip on me. hmm.

15 May 2008

So gina's adopto-brother eric is a sort of funny boo radley-esqe character, hiding out in his basement room creating art - sorta here and there all over the place styles and methods - creepy dolls and paitings of people with animal heads - usually what i see is either a bit macabre. so i was surprised to dig through all the stuff he's stuck up on his myspace page (i have no idea if that link will work) - some of which is going to be serialized for target stores or something.

recently i made a couple purchases at 20x200 - Echo Eggebrecht's The Time Machine and Amy Park's Corner Light Monadnock. They look like this:

I don't know that there's really any sort of theme going on there - the colors are sort of similar, and they're both a little dark - but after contacting eric i'll have two originals to add:

So more buildings. And a helicopter. He's actually got more stuff I like but if I keep it up I'd feel like I was overdoing it.

This won't be the first time Eric has given me art - for Xmas a couple years ago he gave me a Mr. T doll complete with gold chains, and then there was the time he gave me an embellished Britney Spears photo on canvas...

14 May 2008

i rode a bike out of my garage, into the street, and back into the garage last night. against doctors orders. I'M A MEDICAL MARVEL.

13 May 2008

Half a thought

Sunday morning I attended a confirmation ceremony at my niece's church, where the pastor spent her homily time warning the confirmants (my niece being one) that in the years to follow, they would have their faith tested. "People will tell you that you don't need god, that the church can be ignored, that your faith isn't important" she said.

This felt like a homily directed at me, the confirmation sponsor.

Not ten minutes later I stood (with a group of four other sponsors) behind my niece as she received the sacrament of confirmation.

Later in the service I refused communion; I didn't try to make a scene about it, but the woman actually came around to my pew where I waved her away. Because I was raised catholic this always seems like a drastic measure - who dares refuse the body of christ? In his own house? After mass I did have some of christ's cake and punch though.

Later, at my mother's house, I asked if she had any gauze for me knee. She thought for a minute and said "I think there's some left from your dad."

I think there's some weird parallel there - refusing the help of a dead christ but using the leftover gauze from my dead father - a sort of intersection of remembrance, maybe...

09 May 2008

i'm home and fine. the end.

06 May 2008

monday night my xbox died (replacement on the way), so last night i had a decision to make: drink beer and sit on couch, or go ride a bike for the first time in over a month. in the end, i did both.

the bike ride was 14 or so miles at 17.65 mph - not at all a bad time for taking a full month off. the first thing i noticed when i hopped on the bianchi was how light it was. it's been a while since i've had that sensation. anyway, i zipped along, nary a knee pain, just the occasional zap that reminded me that i am not right.

i really wanted to ride to make sure that my symptoms hadn't mysteriously cured themselves. stranger things have happened. but to my relief (i guess), it's still there. surgery friday at 9am. not sure if i'm nervous or not.

shouldn't be, though.

04 May 2008

01 May 2008


last night we noted that my teleprompter reading seems blatantly obvious on the small screen of the internet - all i can say is that it didn't seem so obvious when i watched it on tv, or again when i watched it on tv, or when i burnt it to dvd for my mom.

so i dunno.

you think you're so hot then you go and host a tv show, wink martindale.

seriously though it's pretty bad i guess.

i'm ron burgandy?