16 September 2011

i should mention

although work has been rough as of late, i very often have moments where i think that things are going swimmingly. we have so many great friends, regular fulfilling entertainment, respect of people who matter to us, just enough money to do most of what we want - i don't want to take it for granted. i often think that things can't be as good as they've been forever, that the wave eventually crashes.. but for the time being, it's very good to be riding atop it.

i don't know if we've worked hard to be here or if it's dumb luck, but it's nice to be confident in what we do and to have a life that's what we want. so to whomever is responsible - and i have no idea who that is - thank you.

08 September 2011


the soccer team is now 1-3. maybe 1-4? in any case, we played a man (woman) short last evening and lost 2-1, mostly because I was the last defender against a guy I should have just tackled but instead watched run by me very quickly on his way to a goal.

that was the first goal, actually, so nevermind.

we are in the slow months for hbg, and fall has set in and i'm quite happy with the weather. we're working on a podcast project, starting with a test this evening on jason's front porch. should be interesting..

01 September 2011


Soccer week 2.

Well I decided that I was fat and horrible and really the only way to fix that is to not be fat. The horrible part might fix itself if I'm not fat. At least I could run around and be a nuisance.

I found this University of Michigan off-season training program, and knowing that I've never been in shape enough to play college soccer, I decided that age 35 was the perfect time to get that way.

Really I just thought "Well I used to do stuff like this, and I enjoyed it" so I figured why the hell not. I mean, I'm not gonna fly through these drills, but I can at least try them out.

So I started by running 2 miles. I ran 1 mile, stopped for a moment, shook myself out, then started running the other mile. Got to about 3/4 of the way through that mile and walked for a minute of so. My legs hurt. That was Tuesday. Game was yesterday (Wednesday). I didn't hurt myself, so that was an improvement over last week. And we won, which was weird.

Today I've got to hold a rail when walking down steps. Sideways. Well, I can walk down normally, but very very slowly, and it's painful.

But I'm doing it! Right?

Last night I asked Gina if maybe I should just realize I'm 35 and stop doing stupid shit like this. She said no. I agree.