01 September 2011


Soccer week 2.

Well I decided that I was fat and horrible and really the only way to fix that is to not be fat. The horrible part might fix itself if I'm not fat. At least I could run around and be a nuisance.

I found this University of Michigan off-season training program, and knowing that I've never been in shape enough to play college soccer, I decided that age 35 was the perfect time to get that way.

Really I just thought "Well I used to do stuff like this, and I enjoyed it" so I figured why the hell not. I mean, I'm not gonna fly through these drills, but I can at least try them out.

So I started by running 2 miles. I ran 1 mile, stopped for a moment, shook myself out, then started running the other mile. Got to about 3/4 of the way through that mile and walked for a minute of so. My legs hurt. That was Tuesday. Game was yesterday (Wednesday). I didn't hurt myself, so that was an improvement over last week. And we won, which was weird.

Today I've got to hold a rail when walking down steps. Sideways. Well, I can walk down normally, but very very slowly, and it's painful.

But I'm doing it! Right?

Last night I asked Gina if maybe I should just realize I'm 35 and stop doing stupid shit like this. She said no. I agree.

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J said...

I agree with Gina