31 July 2008

He's talking about Belleville

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy in Indy's local free rag:
NUVO: I can see how it would be difficult to gauge the impact of where you live on your life, but does it interest you to think about unique characteristics of Chicago, Illinois or the Midwest, and kind of what’s similar about culture in a particular region or a state?

Tweedy: I don’t want to sound insulting — it sounds like it’s something that you care about and think about a lot, and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way — but it’s really not where my head’s ever been. I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois and it took me a long, long time to come to terms with not hating that place. Also, I think even at this age, I feel like I sort of have survivor’s guilt for even getting out of where I grew up, and a lot of people don’t want to or don’t ever do that. But I also have to come to terms with that a lot of people don’t want to, and it works for them. It never worked for me; it wasn’t the place where it was really comfortable. So whenever you bring up that topic, that’s what I’m reminded of. I really wanted a bigger picture of the world that I was living in than what was available to me growing up. So I think the second I was able to get anywhere outside of those confines, I started doing that, you know, I started going to St. Louis. I grew up going to St. Louis to buy records and people looked at you like you were insane; it’s like going to Mars.
for the record, i don't hate home. and i don't think it's so "small" anymore, though this might contradict that opinion. but i can see, just a little bit, where he's coming from.

29 July 2008

reading? do i know you?

it seems unlikely but there's a chance someone i don't actually know reads this blog regularly - there are plenty of blogs i read everyday that i've never commented on..

so if you're reading, and i don't know you, leave a comment, please. say hello.

24 July 2008



last night i rode home from work with a tailwind. then i took a shower. then i played half a game of fifa08, which i was losing 3-0 when i forfeited.

gina went to rollerderby practice, i looked at email, ate some trader joe's ranch fries, a hot pocket soft sandwich thing (horrible), drank a Aventinus (super tasty. i should have more more often), drove to the liquor store, spent $30-ish dollars on two bottles (three floyds fantabulous resplendence and mikkeller IT'S ALIVE!), walked over to borders, bought two beer magazines, went home, considered cutting the grass (nope), read from the book of vice (blah), went to bed.

standard formula. big city life.

21 July 2008

i got a flat on the way to work this morning - 4 blocks from work and i heard a HISShissHISShiss that is the trademark sound of a full on tire puncture.

luckily the glass stayed in the tire, making clean up a lot easier. most flats you gotta search all over the tire, running you fingers along the inside, waiting for something to cut you so you can clean it out.

changing a tire when you've been putting in a full-on effort means you're going to sweat a ton - when you're moving on a bike, the air helps. standing on a corner, not so much.

at work i'd immediately get under the air vent in the server room and start toweling off. that's the trick. that, and stinking. anyway.

knock on wood. first flat in a while.

16 July 2008

colorado is still 3 months away and i'm getting itchy for vacation. i think i'd like to jump in the car and go drive in the mountains. or maybe bike the mountains. the key is mountains.

this week we're hitting a different bar every night because it's indiana beer week. maybe that was better in idea form than practice, though we've been having a good time with it. we now roll with a refreshed posse.

um... what else. they grated the road i use to ride my bike out of downtown so i've got to find a different route today. i think i've got it figured out.

what's the excitement in the county? did Breese build an Ikea yet?

14 July 2008

zamora zamora

we got bobby zamora. i guess.

he's tall. so that automatically means he's good for like 20 goals, right?

hi jim brown

gina's friend roni from finland just bought a srt8 dodge magnum with the 6.1 hemi - then he threw on some flowmasters and he's got a supercharger on order. because 425 horsepower isn't enough, i guess.

roni makes nice money, but i think he's sorta like 'oh well whatever'.

hmm what else.

watched the rain ride roll by the subdivision this weekend. well, before that we saw a guy spin his taurus and nearly end up in the pond. not really sure how that happened. instead of ending up in the pond he just ended up in a field. no damage. it was entertaining.


bought some beer, rode a bike, watched persopolis (A-), caught up on the tour (whatever), made a vegetarian quiche (A+). ate chicken curry. got the AIDS. Thug Life.

09 July 2008

so if you're wondering what i've been doing, it's ride a bike to work, work, ride home, shower, eat, sit on couch playing grand theft auto iv or watching a movie from blockbuster

be kind rewind = c-
cloverfield = b+/a-
walk hard = c

also i've been waiting for fulham to sign someone worth being excited about, but as it turns out fulham are a mid to bottom table club and they don't do that sort of thing.

i've still got that mls package but i haven't watched an mls game in months. i will not purchase again next year.

i haven't been drinking a beer every night like i had been. empty calories. well, not empty. tasty. but not really benefitial.

what else. hmm.


03 July 2008

cubs cubs cubs cubs cubs

all this year, well, really, all any year when they're competitive, it's "here come the cubs"

this year has been particulalarly cubs heavy, because they're scoring a ton of runs.

but in the meantime, the cardinals, with a lineup full of who's thats, are trucking along... right behind the cubs.

anyway, finally, an article: yay tony, you drunk genius

01 July 2008


gina just bought this.