24 July 2008



last night i rode home from work with a tailwind. then i took a shower. then i played half a game of fifa08, which i was losing 3-0 when i forfeited.

gina went to rollerderby practice, i looked at email, ate some trader joe's ranch fries, a hot pocket soft sandwich thing (horrible), drank a Aventinus (super tasty. i should have more more often), drove to the liquor store, spent $30-ish dollars on two bottles (three floyds fantabulous resplendence and mikkeller IT'S ALIVE!), walked over to borders, bought two beer magazines, went home, considered cutting the grass (nope), read from the book of vice (blah), went to bed.

standard formula. big city life.


CorrND said...

Damn craft beer. That "price creep" effect is tough to avoid. You know, $5 is ok, so $6 must be ok. I'm cool with $6 so maybe I can spend $9 just this one time. Next thing you know, you're spending $30 on two bottles.

Still, it's cheaper than wine.

Mike said...

well, i didn't exactly plan to pay $30 either... the mikkeller was labeled wrong and the floyds wasn't even on the shelf, so i didn't really have any idea what i was getting myself into.

we've got so many bombers at the house, and it's not like you just open one up all the time... that's a lot of beer, and it's usually big beer.

i keep saying 'we need to stop buying' but so far it hasn't happened.