28 July 2009


saturday was columbus/toronto mls (nice game)
sunday was cedar point (also nice)
monday was chicago/jason's (niiice)
tuesday was indian food/groceries/relaxation
wednesday is gonna be indy museums and lawncare i think
thursday i dunno
friday i dunno
saturday i dunno
sunday i dunno

dunno is good.

23 July 2009

effed that right up.

did you ever know
that writing haiku is hard
if you're a dummy

22 July 2009

a haiku for more babies

babies babies everywhere
everyone's got one
but not me. no babies here

i'm assuming, but hey jim congrats.

20 July 2009

i could use that vacation today

this weekend we volunteered
microbrewers fest
and i am sore everywhere.

rode to work, and i was fast.
it was foggy wet,
my sleeves carried morning dew.

today i feel like nothing
want to do the same
eat a sandwich and take naps.

16 July 2009

15 July 2009

looking for interested parties

gina doesn't like bicycles, though maybe for this, she might. i've had this article hanging on my magnetic chalkboard - which now says DON'T FORGET in large letters (you may recall that it used to say MOM AND DAD I USE DRUGS) - for many months. looking at the vacation time i have remaining, perhaps now (or soon) is the time.
Grab your road bike and head for the heartland, where the two things that make Kentucky great—bourbon and horses—are within weekend spinning distance of Lexington. After an inspirational stop at the Kentucky Horse Park (kyhorsepark.com), where more than 50 breeds graze near Man o' War's gravesite, it's 17 miles west to the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery (woodfordreserve.com), along Glen Creek. Sample a snort of small-batch bourbon and keep rolling past white-fenced thoroughbred farms to the Wild Turkey Distillery (wildturkeybourbon.com), in continuous operation since the late 1860s except for a blip during Prohibition. The oyster po'boys and Bridge Street Bourbon Balls at Rick's White Light Diner & Barbecue (502-330-4262), a vintage hideaway in downtown Frankfort, are worth pulling in for. After a night at the Meeting House (doubles from $100; themeetinghousebandb.com), an 1840s bed-and-breakfast, point your wheels north toward Franklin County and the Buffalo Trace Distillery (buffalotrace.com), whose 15-year-old George T. Stagg bourbon took home the gold in the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. From there, it's a straight shot back to Lexington, where you can recover (from the riding!) among mahogany furnish-ings and regional artwork at the Gratz Park Inn (doubles from $169; gratzpark-inn.com).
Route: Start the 88-mile loop at Lexington and ride north on Highway 922, west on 1973, then right on Iron Works Parkway. Head back to Lexington and go west on Highway 60/62 to Lawrenceburg. Take McCracken Pike, then Steele Road, then Highway 127 north to Frankfort. To return to Lexington, take Highway 421 via Midway.
—JULIAN SMITH, Outside Magazine
88 miles isn't much, and spread over two days, the pace could be downright leisurely. To be honest, I'd prefer Gina as company, but I have to consider someone else, as she hate bicycles (my fault).

14 July 2009

this morning i woke up more tired than i was when i went to bed, contemplated calling it a day, but ended up getting out of bed anyway. didn't ride a bike to work as i was already running late. bought gas and a diet pepsi. cleaned up my ipod. copied some programs for future reference. couldn't see clearly out of my right contact. it's cold in here again. i'm going to eat red meat at lunch. i don't eat much red meat.

i'm putting a bike up for sale on ebay as soon as i can get motivated/unburdened by all the legal stuff/fully understand ebay. i'm going to use that money to pay down a credit card that i left get out of control again. i'm gonna buy a horse and ramp it into a pit of fire. i'm gonna be a horse ramping fire pit pro. just you wait.

11 July 2009

06 July 2009

yesterday i called my mom and was like "hey what's going on?" and she's like "nothing" and i said "same here" and that's pretty much how things are going. i haven't been to trenton in what feels like ages, and i bet when i get back they will have built a couple new skyscrapers.

went to cincinnati w/ barb and dave this weekend and it rained a lot and it was just sorta uuuhhhhh

yesterday evening i decided i was tired of my jeans being tight so as of today i'm rededicating myself to extensive bicycle mileage. i have been riding to work but that's pretty much it - since i ride in a full-on kit (shorts and jersey and whatnot) i can just leave work at 4 and go for a longer ride instead of going home. that's the plan. so instead of 22.5 miles on commute days maybe i can get in 35 or 45 or whatever.

my knees make me nervous cuz they're sorta creaky and defective but they should be ok. whatever. if they're not i'm just gonna have them removed.

also i owe the hospital some money that i have but don't want to give them. i vote for free healthcare. taxes schmaxes.

lastly, john is moving out by the end of september, on his way to nyc. so there's that.