20 July 2009

i could use that vacation today

this weekend we volunteered
microbrewers fest
and i am sore everywhere.

rode to work, and i was fast.
it was foggy wet,
my sleeves carried morning dew.

today i feel like nothing
want to do the same
eat a sandwich and take naps.


Mark said...

I could use a new truck to hold me, 1 wife, 2 babies, and 1 dog. Luckily, I should be picking it up this week.

Mike said...

MAN that's not a haiku at all, is it.

Mike said...

you are your brother are having baby races, aren't you?

i guess better baby races than racist babies. nobody likes a racist baby.

Mark said...

Yeah, he's going to win this time. Julie goes in Tuesday night, Jamie goes in on August 10th.

I continue my streak of buying a new truck within 3 weeks of my kids being born.