22 July 2009

a haiku for more babies

babies babies everywhere
everyone's got one
but not me. no babies here

i'm assuming, but hey jim congrats.


Anonymous said...

Ha... very true. I never noticed how many kids there are until I had one 3 weeks ago. Lines at Baby's R Us etc... geez.

Jessica said...

Wait...which Jim?

Mike said...

jim brown of trenton il

Gina said...

your haikus are nice
a shame they were done backwards
It's 5 - 7 - 5

/rain on parade

Mark said...

Cassandra was born yesterday. You probably already know this.

I got my Nissan Titan and love Mike more than Gina ever will.

Mike said...

look i can write a haiku any way i want. it's the thought that counts. also thanks, now i feel really really stupid.

Mike said...

if your truck is called titan you've got to smash watermelons with it
and then you can have smash of the titan. and maybe start a website where you smash fruit with your truck. be famous.

Gina said...

it's ok. you can call them mikus.