30 August 2007

29 August 2007

Hey Jon.


Here's this

I'm up towards the front, somewhere...

28 August 2007

I can imagine no worse torture

The song stuck in my head? Steve Miller Band's SWINGTOWN! WOOO!

27 August 2007

Premiership Weekend 4

Fulham v Aston Villa - Fuckin' Fulham. Dempsey scores, Fulham lose 2-1. Kasey Keller was decent in net. The refs were horrible again. I hate complaining about referees.

Also watched Liverpool v Sunderland - Torres is awesome - and the end of Tottenham v Man U - I didn't know who to root for. Fulham has Tottenham next at Craven Cottage, I think Fulham can win, but the way things have been going, I dunno. It feels like last year all of a sudden.

* * * * *

Gina and I headed down to Madison, IN for a random Saturday afternoon trip - not a bad drive. I got the idea from my Day Trips from Indianapolis book I picked up a year or so again. We probably should do this more often.

While in Madison we walked around a bit, ate at a restaurant, and then got back in the car for more driving. Sort of a blah day, but better than sitting on the couch.

Last night we saw Knocked Up at the $1.50 theater, and stopped in at Shallos beforehand to get a beer to kill an hour. The beer was blah, but I'll put that in my beer diary later.


23 August 2007

As a guy that plays with graphics, this is crazy amazing

Your newest Fulham Goalkeeper: Kasey Keller

Just last night I thought of Kasey Keller and actually asked Gina (because she'd know.. ok maybe not) whatever happened to Kasey... and today I find out he's a Cottager now.

This is probably good news, as Kasey is a pretty damn steady goaltender, and Tony Warner has been a disaster as of late. Kasey will backup Antii Neimi, I'd imagine, but I think he's capable of pushing for the starting job. I suppose that'll depend on what Mr. Sanchez thinks.


22 August 2007


Congrats, Jamie and Mark

20 August 2007

But what people forget is that Pelé is human.

And, like all humans, sometimes the nether regions of Pelé become unruly.

Premiership Weekend 3

Fulham v Middlesbrough - Couldn't watch the game since it wasn't on any of the 3 American EPL networks, though I did manage to read the up to the minute text game recap on FulhamFC.com. That's no way to watch a game. Or whatever. Anyway, McBride scored early on, then got hurt, and I haven't looked into the details of that yet. Fulham lead 1-0 for a fair amount of time, but lost the lead a little after halftime, and then lost the game in something like the 88th minute. Sounds like the Fulham I know and love from last year. Oh well, we're ahead of Manchester United in the table.

I watched a bunch of other games - Liverpool/Chelsea (I think they had an MLS referee for that one), Man U/City (though I just fast forwarded through... boring game, really), Arsenal/Blackburn (that one was ok)... they all seemed kind of boring this week. It happens.

The Middlesbros (my fantasy team) put up 34 points and fell to 8th in the table. This continued the downward spiral of points (45 in week one, 42 in midweek 2) that has me less that worried. Whatever. Though it is fun to win.

* * * * *

Went to Muncie Saturday to appear as guests on The Good Beer Show - I was the designated driver so I took it easy. Gina did not take it easy. You'll have to ask her.

Cut the grass, rode a bike, and my knees hurt today. Ate at Pizza King. Exciting times - Pizza King has a model railroad train that brings customers their drinks. And that's how you know it's a good place to eat.

I guess Mark is a dad now? I haven't heard.

16 August 2007

Premiership Midweek 2

Fulham - beat Bolton 2-1 - Bolton wouldn't have scored except that the ball was wet and Fulham goaltender Tony Warner dropped the ball right onto the foot of former Fulham man Heidar Helguson, who netted it to give Bolton a 1-0 lead. Then Fulham came stumbling back, and somehow ended up with a 2-1 lead.

They sat on that lead forever, but made it work. We'll take it.

Nice game from David Healy, who's got 2 goals in two games. Dempsey played 10 minutes - I have a feeling the reason he doesn't play more is because he's a defensive liability.

Also watched Man City v Derby Count, a game so memorable that I had to look up who Man City played just now. And I watch 70 minutes of the game. Derby looked ok, and much more confident than I expected since most the experts have them picked for relegation.

And I caught glimpses of Pompy/Man United - Tevez looks like Frankenstein ran over by a car and shot full of pellets. What's up with his neck. Honestly I'd be afraid to give the guy a celebratory hug if he scored. He might leave a residue on you. But he had a assist and the physical specimen that is Christiano Ronaldo leaned in during the celebration and their hair touched. Don't be surprised if Ronaldo turns into Swamp Thing by this time next week.

Uh. Yeah.

The Middlesbros (my fantasy EPL team) jumped up to 6th in the table. We're going to Europe.

No one understood that reference but Jim.

13 August 2007

Premiership Weekend 1

Fulham: Gifted a goal on a horrible Jens Lehman clear, Fulham held a 1-0 lead over Arsenal until the 80th or so minute, when Carlos Bocanegra stepped in the way of a streaking Toure in the penalty box - and Arsenal were awarded a penalty kick. Robbie Van Persie, he of my fantasy EPL team, scored the PK to tie the match 1-1. Then Arsenal got down to business, and put Fulham away in the 90-somethingth minute on a goal by Andy Hleb, who has tortured new right back Chris Baird all day.

There were positive notes for Fulham, who actually showed signs of attacking football throughout the match - with a particularly strong effort by Simon Davies. #10 shirt Stephen Davis won the commentator's approval, though he didn't do much to impress me. Clint Dempsey came on late and had a few chances, playing his usual passively creative sort of roll. Brian McBride didn't accomplish much, to be honest.

Arsenal sure like to pass alot.

I also caught the Sunderland/Tottenham match - entertaining despite the 1-0 score, Liverpool - Aston Villa - new Liverpool signing Fernando Torres is going to fit in nicely, and is strong on the ball, and portions of Man U/Reading - which I fell asleep watching. Shame about Rooney. That's my guy.

My fantasy team, The Middlesbros, now sit 10th in league with 45 points. The leader has 58.

* * * * *

You'll notice the banner for St. Louis Soccer United - my new MLS team. When the arrive. The banner is also a link to their website, which has all sorts of tasty info, like stadium plans and so forth.

United are actually going to play in real life Franeytown, Collinsville, IL - home of Mr. Franey and the powerhouse Kahoks soccer team (state champs in 91 and 92, runners up in 96) that always beat my Wesclin Warriors team (the one I actually played on) in high school regionals. We scored on them though. TODD HAAS, BITCHES.

09 August 2007

This is certainly interesting...

Beer I Drank

Location: Atwoobode

Clipper City Heavy Seas Hang Ten - It was late, and my calorie count was probably where it should have been, but I couldn't stop drinking soda and juice and everything else (note: try water) so I thought "what the hell". I'm trying to rid my fridge of beer, to be honest.

The label reads "unfiltered wheat beer in German style" so I was surprised at the punchy belgian-style nose. Very cloudy, caramel brown/orange color. Gina said "corn" and I agree - a bit of a cream corn taste. Strong alcohol, a bit fruity as well. Pretty good, but I only finished half. Would buy again, I think. Worth sharing.

06 August 2007

Beer I Drank

Casa oy der Huberto:

Unibroue 16 - Belgiumtastic, metallic, punchy, really metallic. And did I mention metallic. The bottle maybe? Punchy. Needs to warm.

This is a real burner. Tart, but in a weird way... almost like a tart feeling on the back of the tongue.

Hmm. Good, not great.

Note: I don't know how much I've eaten today, but it must not be much, because half a glass of this makes me feel like I'm being eaten by the couch. Usually I don't notice how much I've drank until I stand up... not the case currently.

I'd buy this again.

I don't know Spanish. Or German. My middle name is Hubert. It was my grandpop's name.

oh and

In the left column there's a link to the High Water Line blog, the blog for a project taking place in New York where young lady is drawing a chalk line to show the effects of climate change in Manhattan. Interesting stuff. Check it out. I mean, if that's your kind of thing.

CSI makes people crazy

I was just looking at all the drafts (or posts that I started on blogger but didn't finish) and found this nugget from 2006... I dunno.

One of the CSI shows is currently playing on the television to my right. Because of CSI, people think that computers do magic. I hate CSI.

Here's an example from CSI that obviously has no basis in reality (but people believe this kind of crap anyway). A man stomps another man to death. He claims he did not commit the crime. But using the CSI magic shoeprint database, the CSI cops have proven that the man who committed the crime was wearing the exact same shoes as the man who claims he did not commit the crime.

"I didn't do it."

"Oh yeah? Have you seen our shoe database?"


Here's how it goes in reality:

"Do you think I'm retarded? Who the fuck has a shoe database?"

David Beckham will not be appearing tonight

This is how I've spent the last half hour.

I tried to bike to work this morning. I got up at like 5 am, showered, dressed, ate, went out to the garage, moved the lights from my fixiebike, started to air up tires and.. I had a rear flat. Odd. I just refilled the tire, thinking maybe I had left the valve open. Got on the bike, went 100 yards... lightning. Whatever. A quarter mile later the tire was flat again, I started to turn the bike around and about lost it, clipped into pedals with the rear tire sliding sideways.

Back to the garage to changed the tube. Got the wheel off, more lightning, now thunder, more lightning... I guess I'm not riding to work.

Luckily I had gotten up so early that I could just go take another shower and redress and go to work. Which I did.

And then I started doing that.

Beer I Drank

Welcome to a new and unexciting feature where I post the beer I drank so that I can remember it later.

Friday Night, Sidney Street Cafe, St. Louis, MO:

Franziskaner Hefeweizen - Bananas bananas, better and fuller when warmer, good stuff

Saturday Night, Nate's House, Trenton IL:

Avery Saison (was it the Twelve?) - popurri, spicy, overwhelming, didn't finish the glass

Delirium Noel - Delirium's Christmas Beer, same style as Tremens, overripe apple, punch in the mouth, I'd rather have Tremens

Sunday Night, Casa de Mike, Indy:

Summit Maibock - blah, and then once warmed, a slightly more interesting blah. Maybe if I was in the mood. A beer tasting beer.

01 August 2007

Or at least a robot or something

So this morning I'm sitting at my desk when my boss comes walking down the hall, leans in the office and says "bomb threat".

You don't ask questions when someone says bomb threat, you just grab your stuff and go. Which is what I did. Out to the parking lot, when the entire company congregated and waited for some sort of police presence.

Eventually an officer appeared, had a conversation with the company supervisors, and sent us all back in the building - telling us to check out our spaces for any suspicious packages. As it turns out, only something like 15% of bomb threats involve a real bomb.

15%? That's a high enough number for me to wonder why there wasn't some sort of bomb squad on the premises. Or a dog? Nevermind that, there's only a 15% chance that you'll be dismembered.

Thanks, Police Officer!