29 April 2010

you might be tempted to think that i've finally jumped ship, that this blog is on it's way out, but you would be wrong, you see, because i'm not going anywhere, ever, just trapped here writing a paragraph now and again, like a dog on a chain, wandering around free until suddenly there's a tight snap at my neck, that's what this is, this blog, it's a neck ache.

none of that is true. a third of it. 7%.

16 April 2010

a new competitor

now that i've finally killed my audience i can fill the page with cooking shows

13 April 2010

three day weekend?

Google Map of Approximate Route

Bourbon Bikes Kentucky Yay.
Grab your road bike and head for the heartland, where the two things that make Kentucky great—bourbon and horses—are within weekend spinning distance of Lexington. After an inspirational stop at the Kentucky Horse Park (kyhorsepark.com), where more than 50 breeds graze near Man o' War's gravesite, it's 17 miles west to the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery (woodfordreserve.com), along Glen Creek. Sample a snort of small-batch bourbon and keep rolling past white-fenced thoroughbred farms to the Wild Turkey Distillery (wildturkeybourbon.com), in continuous operation since the late 1860s except for a blip during Prohibition. The oyster po'boys and Bridge Street Bourbon Balls at Rick's White Light Diner & Barbecue (502-330-4262), a vintage hideaway in downtown Frankfort, are worth pulling in for. After a night at the Meeting House (doubles from $100; themeetinghousebandb.com), an 1840s bed-and-breakfast, point your wheels north toward Franklin County and the Buffalo Trace Distillery (buffalotrace.com), whose 15-year-old George T. Stagg bourbon took home the gold in the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. From there, it's a straight shot back to Lexington, where you can recover (from the riding!) among mahogany furnish-ings and regional artwork at the Gratz Park Inn (doubles from $169; gratzpark-inn.com).
Route: Start the 88-mile loop at Lexington and ride north on Highway 922, west on 1973, then right on Iron Works Parkway. Head back to Lexington and go west on Highway 60/62 to Lawrenceburg. Take McCracken Pike, then Steele Road, then Highway 127 north to Frankfort. To return to Lexington, take Highway 421 via Midway.
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12 April 2010

choose your own adventure

should i turn left or right?

08 April 2010

06 April 2010

triumphant return

yes my voice sounds like that.