23 February 2010

Week 2 day 1

tried it last night, couldn't get through the fourth set. back to week one, i guess?

i think part of my problem is breathing. like i forget how to breathe completely.


17 February 2010

day 2

started the pushup thing monday. i get winded way fast. i hate doing it. that's why i quit the last time, i suddenly remembered between sets.

tonight i'll do workout 2 or day 2 or whatever they call it.

this is so much worse than any sort of cardio.

08 February 2010



embarrassing, really.

04 February 2010

i suppose if i'm writing this thing to aid my memory then i should note that last weekend, kotbr llc (parent company of hbg) did our first paying gig - winterfest 2010. 2700 people, ag/hort building on the fairgrounds, outdoor beer garden, happy customers, a long bathroom line.

no complaints aside from the bathroom thing, but even those complaints were pretty minor. i'd call it a success.

in other news, i've been extremely lazy and lethargic the last two or so weeks, and i rode my bike to work this morning (23ish degrees) and it nearly killed me. i really hope i was riding into the wind. but i doubt i was.

been thinking about taking up the small bit of running i did again. but i've also been thinking that every night when i get home from work i should go directly to bed. maybe i've got mono.

is that how mono works? maybe i've got malaria.

i know that come warmer weather i'll be fitter and slimmer and vibrant and slippery but right now i'm a la-z-boy chair sitting upside down in the corner - lumpy and useless.