27 February 2009

tell you what

Tonight I'm probably gonna go to Trader Joe's. I go to Trader Joe's when I have nothing better to do. There's some bike/art thing at Big Car, but I dunno about hanging out with fixie kid hipsters. I'm sure they're all quite lovely, but I dunno if Gina wants to watch people race bikes on rollers indoors. Maybe I'll also go to Whole Foods or Fresh Market or whatever. Why? Because I dunno, that's why.

26 February 2009

So there was this (Dec 8th, 08):
body composition
body density: 1.032
percent body fat: 29.7%
fat weight (lbs): 59.2
lean body weight (lbs): 140.4
total weight (lbs): 199.6

Body composition goals
Short term (4-6 months)
percent body fat: 21.0% change: -8.7%
lean body weight (lbs): 141.5 change: +1.1 (lbs)
body fat weight (lbs): 37.6 change: -21.6 (lbs)
body weight (lbs): 179.1 change: -20.5 (lbs)
Right now I'm at 185. 71.2% of goal, and nearly 3/4 of the early end of that time window.

I'm guessing I'll hit 183 by Monday.

Here is a photo of me holding a beer. after the beer and everyone left i went crazy and devoured everything on the table. except the nacho chips. but everything else was decimated.

I blame:

23 February 2009

should be interesting...

Looking at my training schedule for this week:
There is a group that goes by Southwestway Park between 8:30-8:45 on Sunday mornings, if the weather is reasonable. This is a strong group of riders and they will ride to Wilbur and back -- they will not wait for you if you get dropped. I would suggest you drive down to the park and be ready to go as they come by and sit in for as long as you can. They will hit about 8 good hills down to Wilbur and back. If it is raining and cold, they won't be down that way. If it is much below 30 they probably won't either. From SWW park to Wilbur and back it is about 55 miles
I can't say I've ever just shown up in the middle of a groupride, so this'll be a new experience. I'm hoping I don't get my ass handed to me.

But if I do, I guess I'll have learned something.

19 February 2009

saw slumdog millionaire last night and it was good.

i can handle this week off thing.

16 February 2009


As I pulled up my workout schedule for the week, I was very very happy to see the words "rest week" - lately it seems like I'm running around in circles trying to catch up, but that might just be because I haven't managed to finish La Dolce Vita and it's been in the DVD player for two weeks.

Got out on the bike Saturday for 2:14 of cold weather riding and was met by this guy:

He just went pro and was riding a team bike and we discussed riding and teams and cold weather and then he headed home and said he'd look me up. Apparently he won a race last year - beating out the likes of the team that won the Tour of California stage yesterday - as an amateur. Good on him.

As for me... rest week looks like:

Bike 1:00 REC
REC: Recovery Ride
Rest week. Hopefully you'll be feeling pretty good. Enjoy the days off and catch up on other things you leave behind for training and work, etc.

Bike 2:00 subLTE
SubLTE: Sub Lactate Efforts
2 x 15 (10) SUB LT during an END ride. Should be a nice day.
Strength 0:20 CORE
CORE: Core Strength Lower back, abs, obliques.

Bike DO
DO: Day Off

Bike 0:45 REC
REC: Recovery Ride
Strength 0:20 CORE
CORE: Core Strength Lower back, abs, obliques.

Bike DO
DO: Day Off

Bike 2:30 GR
GR: Group Ride

Bike DO
DO: Day Off

Sounds good.

In case you're wondering, I'm still eating too much and not losing much weight. Oh yay.

10 February 2009

look, i'm boring, ok?

05 February 2009

this is getting silly already

So the whole race your bike thing is and endless parade of blown money - I knew that going in. Let's tally just the recent (since december) stuff. You're welcome, Mastercard.

$585 - 1 Year Membership, NIFS
$95 - NIFS Initiation Extorsion Fee
$115/month - DAPgear cycling coaching
$140 - New Specialized Road Shoes
$124 - New pedals, computer w/ cadence, water bottle cages for bike 2 - didn't have this stuff since I only rode one at a time. Now I'm gonna switch back and forth between bikes until I figure out which one I want to race

$1059 total. Ouch.

Still to come:

$200+ full scale bike fitting
$100~ new saddle for bike 2 (looking used on ebay, may find a deal)
$300+ I'd also like to replace the cranksets on both bikes
$60 license

I know what you're thinking - you're thinking "you shoulda spent that money on whores!"

Good point.

03 February 2009

hey bicyclists and friends

here are my numbers. i am ok with this to start.

Test as planned at Gray Goat on a flat course on their Computertrainer system.

20 Minute TT Numbers:
Weight: 190
Height: 5' 10"
Average MPH: 22.1
Peak MPH: 25
Distance: 7.48
Avg Watts: 239
Peak Watts: 370
Avg RPM: 102
Peak RPM: 122
Avg Pulse: 175
Peak Pulse: 184
Calories: 277.4

this makes no sense to most of you, right?

this next part is for you.


they are bike shoes. the bike part isn't for you.

01 February 2009

fingers crossed..

Fulham in talks with McBride

In case you were wondering, i'm still fully following Fulham. They've got Bobby Zamora, who's doing a decent job, but he's not putting the ball in the net. An on-form Brian McBride is probably a better option.

We'll see..