03 February 2009

hey bicyclists and friends

here are my numbers. i am ok with this to start.

Test as planned at Gray Goat on a flat course on their Computertrainer system.

20 Minute TT Numbers:
Weight: 190
Height: 5' 10"
Average MPH: 22.1
Peak MPH: 25
Distance: 7.48
Avg Watts: 239
Peak Watts: 370
Avg RPM: 102
Peak RPM: 122
Avg Pulse: 175
Peak Pulse: 184
Calories: 277.4

this makes no sense to most of you, right?

this next part is for you.


they are bike shoes. the bike part isn't for you.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on the shoes. i hear they're great for putting on feet.
my computer is now blue screen death crashed. so if anything funny happens, or you find another dull knife and cut off your whole arm, please call me. thanks, jim.

Brant A. Zurliene said...

239 Watts/20 minutes = 717 Watts/hr
14 watts/hr CFL bulb
717/14= 51.2

Mike, you could power a 14 Watt CFL for 51.2 hours, or you could power all the lights in my house. That would be sweet. PLEASE???

Think Human-Powered Flux Capacitor (named Mike). How many ounces of lentils do you require per day? Water?