05 February 2009

this is getting silly already

So the whole race your bike thing is and endless parade of blown money - I knew that going in. Let's tally just the recent (since december) stuff. You're welcome, Mastercard.

$585 - 1 Year Membership, NIFS
$95 - NIFS Initiation Extorsion Fee
$115/month - DAPgear cycling coaching
$140 - New Specialized Road Shoes
$124 - New pedals, computer w/ cadence, water bottle cages for bike 2 - didn't have this stuff since I only rode one at a time. Now I'm gonna switch back and forth between bikes until I figure out which one I want to race

$1059 total. Ouch.

Still to come:

$200+ full scale bike fitting
$100~ new saddle for bike 2 (looking used on ebay, may find a deal)
$300+ I'd also like to replace the cranksets on both bikes
$60 license

I know what you're thinking - you're thinking "you shoulda spent that money on whores!"

Good point.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

Maybe you didn't understand, but I have at least one child for sale. I am willing to do a 2 for 1 if the price is right.

Jason266 said...

$1059...that's 15 cases of Hopslam. That's 360 bottles of Hopslam. That's a Hopslam a day for a year. That's better than biking. Better than whores too.

Kevin said...

How's Gina feel about the whores? I mean, if she's cool with that, and you spent it all on bike stuff... wow.

Mike said...

Gina is whore-friendly. Whore-positive? Pro-whore?

Ok, probably not.