27 April 2011

no biking

been really busy chasing other stuff as of late, we'll see if i can get back on it next week.

coming up in the next few weeks:
weekend 1: weekend trip to munster (dark lord day)
weekend 2: hbg tfn
weekend 3: eggfest judging
week: drive to florida/nick's wedding/new orleans/back to IN
weekend 4: trip to crown point
weekend 5: EMPTY!
weekend 6: throw a beer festival in bloomington

somewhere in there I was going to train for Ride Across Indiana..

18 April 2011

where i was

what you should know is that i didn't ride the bike all that much last week, as everything just keeps getting in the way. i've also developed some weird knee ailment, but i think that's unrelated.

um.. work is work. i don't talk about it.

the above is a beer review i just did. i'm a little bored with beer reviews.

headed to florida for nick's wedding soon enough.