25 February 2011


One pound is not enough. Weighed at home (sans clothes) and hit 199 this week.. So close to the weather breaking and longer days and tons of bike miles. Can't wait.

22 February 2011

Fuck yeah new bike

2009 Specialized Tarmac Pro SL, Dura-Ace, Fulcrum 1s, 60 miles used, $2500.

That's a lot of money for a bike, but that's not a lot of money for that bike. Better than I ever needed, better deal what I could have hoped for.

looks like...

i've never been so excited to blow an entire tax refund plus some more money.


18 February 2011

boring/week six


i was 202 on the scale last night at home... expected to down a little bit more here at work, having done a little more biking this week.. and a lot less elliptical. and eating crap and drinking. well, here and there.

better next weeky. this is going a lot slower than i hoped for.

luckily my competition at work doesn't seem to be very competitive - if i can knock out a few weeks straight of dedication to the cause, i should be able to pull out a win in the contest. and with that comes more money for bicycle #5.

also told i've lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks for a lost of 1.8333 per week, which the experts might tell you is a reasonable rate... when i'm working out and busting ass it feels like i should expect more than the reasonable rate. the reasonable rate is for old ladies.

it's that beer and food..

11 February 2011

pluggin' away


i would have hoped for better.

though last weekend involved copious amounts of drinking.. and tuesday was an off day because of.. i forget why, and that's horrible. worked out twice wednesday, went and did a brewery interview/tour thing last night and then came home and did my hour (harder than it sounds)..

07 February 2011


Initial Menu:

Sandwiches ~

Banh Mi Sandwich
Jewishish Brisket Sandwich

Desert ~

Banh Mi Cheesecake

04 February 2011

so here's this.

and here's what i did with it.

this week in weightloss (or gain)

206.5 / +.5

i'd have called that 206.

big beer dinner last night. beer is the enemy. which makes writing a beer blog difficult...