18 February 2011

boring/week six


i was 202 on the scale last night at home... expected to down a little bit more here at work, having done a little more biking this week.. and a lot less elliptical. and eating crap and drinking. well, here and there.

better next weeky. this is going a lot slower than i hoped for.

luckily my competition at work doesn't seem to be very competitive - if i can knock out a few weeks straight of dedication to the cause, i should be able to pull out a win in the contest. and with that comes more money for bicycle #5.

also told i've lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks for a lost of 1.8333 per week, which the experts might tell you is a reasonable rate... when i'm working out and busting ass it feels like i should expect more than the reasonable rate. the reasonable rate is for old ladies.

it's that beer and food..

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davidbhuffman said...

I found that weight. Keep going.