27 November 2009

193 this morning. thanks giving.

So I've noticed lately that when I cut myself or get a scab or anything along those lines, it takes forever to heal. I also have noticed that my toenails are more brittle. And my hair seems to grow much slower. I feel like this has all happened in the past year, maybe, and that it must mean I've reached my physical peak, and now I'm on the backsides, sliding down the mountain that eventually leads to a pleasant valley, then a still river, then death by drowning.

26 November 2009


so far so good on the gym thing.

23 November 2009

back to the gym tonight, first time in about 6 months if i'm counting right.

18 November 2009

yesterday my stellar memory got me in trouble.

i've gotta go back to illinois to take a photo on december 5th. drive home, take photo, drive back, as i'm on call from now until december 7th.

i committed to taking the photo before i realized. this happens a lot. i don't have a good memory.

my mom asked about coming to indiana with my brother/bros girlfriend/niece, i said "anytime, i'm on call all month". she comes to visit every year before xmas.

so she lines it all up for december 5th. which i didn't find out until yesterday, when i called to wish her a happy birthday.

"we're coming on the weekend of the 5th."

"um... that rings a bell for some reason."

so for my mom's birthday i pissed her off. that's a stellar feeling.

i know i am to blame, but somehow i feel like i should be able to blame my brain.

no one wants to hear brain excuses though.

what i've learned: never commit to anything, ever, unless i'm sitting at work, looking at the work calendar, and i've got gina's approval via email on the screen in front of me.


09 November 2009