27 June 2007

but wait

Tonight's Copa America matchup of Brazil and Mexico is going to be pretty interesting since most of Mexico is already calling for coach Hugo Sanchez's head, and Brazil is Brazil (good). But tomorrow's US/Argentina match will be even more interesting, only because we've sent a squad of B or C level players to play against an Argentina squad that's loaded up with some of the world's best. What's going to happen? We'll probably win like 13-4.

I won't be watching the US game live for the first time in a long time - Beer Geek takes priority tomorrow night - but the Tivo will be loaded and ready after I've done my beer tasting duties. It should be an interesting match at 11 or 12 pm, after a few, knowing I get to drive back to Illinois in the morning. Maybe I'll even stay awake.


I'm bored.


Not much doing here - waiting for the Tour, collecting some beer bottles for a little Friday night sampling, 20 rides for a total of 640.14 miles at 18.41 mph average on the month (higher than last month, but I think I'm done for the month now), kicking around Beer Geek ideas, waiting for lunch.

RAIN is a couple weeks away now - I don't feel ready, but I guess I might be. No way of knowing until it's over with. Trying to figure out where to go on vacation... west is best, I think.


25 June 2007

Dear Mexico,

Sorry about Saturday. At least you're coming around to being good sports about it. Makes it harder to hate you, anyway.

Oh, by the way.



22 June 2007


I'm certainly not going to complain that the US beat Canada last night, but I'm not exactly comfortable with it either. A joyless win.

CNN - quality sources, quality news.
"The people on the ride just came and hit the ground," she said. "When I got up there, the lady she was just sitting there, and she didn't have no legs. ... And she was just there, calm, probably in shock from everything."

"I seen the car go up. Then, like, the cable broke, I heard -- pwchh -- and I heard a lot of people screaming," Chris Stinnett, who was at a ride next to the Superman Tower of Power, told WDRB/WMYO.

"The cable went under the car -- and I seen it pull up and hit a lot of people -- and I seen them bring their legs up," Stinnett said.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Kentucky.

21 June 2007


You might be wondering what's been happening in the world of Real Salt Lake... well, they haven't won yet, despite firing Steve (SO THAT'S WHAT THAT GETS YOU, YOU DUMB BITCHES), and today they traded Chris Klein, which really means nothing to me since I don't suspect they're ever going to win again. It's like the Cubs goat curse, except with Steve instead. So what I'm saying is STEVE = GOAT. In more ways than one.

Hi Steve.

I guess the trade will be good for the team, except rumors have one of the players coming to Salt Lake going over to Europe, so.. WHOOP-DEE-DOO.

I still watch the games, in a bemused state, while drinking beer and reading from the pile of magazines that gather on my living room table, threatening to grow ever larger, and then eat me.

* * * * *

The Hoosier Beer Geeks were featured in INtake today, and there's a picture featuring Gina and I, and our names were never mentioned. That's fine by me, though it seems sort of strange.

The cycling jersey article, which I linked over at bikeforums.net, caused a 700% increase in site traffic Tuesday. My head is swelling.

* * * * *

Yesterday I spent $300 on my current bicycle, including $85 pedals and a $150 seat. That's right, my seat cost more than your bicycle, probably. But it's white. And it doesn't make my junk numb, which was starting to be an issue with my old seat. You wanted to know about that.

* * * * *

The national team plays Canada tonight, on Fox Soccer Channel, which is no place for a national team game. That should be on ESPN2, at least. Canada might be tough this year? I know, seems funny.

20 June 2007

and then...

Last night I also cancelled my Pedal Force purchase. I'm going to throw money at my current bike instead, because it's oh so pretty.

19 June 2007

Pedal Force

See the post below where I say I can go back to blowing money? I put in for a groupbuy of one of these this morning...

$500 for a full carbon frame was too good to pass up. Now I'm looking at Ebay for parts.

bike/beer article at hoosier beer geek


I put in a lot of work on an article at hoosier beer geek about bike/beer jerseys... check it out when you get the chance.

18 June 2007


Today I got to visit the IU Dental School again, where my dentist/student went through the full course of my dental needs, all for the price of $0. We now have a plan and an estimate.

You may recall that my initial non-IU course of action rang up to $8000. I had another, not as comprehensive option at that dentist that rang up to $3500.

It appears that IU is also going the not-as-comprehensive route, though they seem to think that my $8000 course was a case of overkill. Anyway...

My new estimate? $695.

I can go back to blowing money again. Fantastic.

17 June 2007

here this too.

here's the video, gina.


Back from Cincy, here's the haul.

Read all about it at Hoosier Beer Geek.

15 June 2007

from the pages of hoosier beer geek

Last night Jason played a fantastically wonderful trick on us by pouring 5 different red ales into plastic cups, thus instituting a blind red ale taste test. The idea was that we'd try the 5 before moving on to our review of Fat Tire.

Those of you who travel with me, and perhaps those of you who don't, know that Fat Tire is a staple vacation beer - something we've always looked forward to after a day's hike, or by the campfire...

Anyway, 5 samples of beer first, right? Here are my notes:

A: Sweet nose, dry, hoppy but not overwhelming. -1
B: A little darker than the first, vinegar nose, sulfur taste -2
C: Same look, diaper nose, can't believe they're selling this to people -3
D: Really dark, some lacing on the glass, sugary nose, peanut butter scents. More peanut butter in the taste, not as sugary as the nose would suggest (which is a good thing). This is a winner. + 2
E: Strawberry + medicine + organic strawberry toaster pastry nose, lighter, not offensive, but not good either. medicine taste. + 0

The beer were then ranked:
1) D - This was revealed to be Fort Collins Retro Red - A fantastic beer, get some.
2) E - Barrelhouse Red Leg - I've had this on tap and it was better
3) A - Bell's Amber - New to me. Eh.
4) B - Breckenridge Avalanche - I've recently been in an email conversation with this brewery... I hate to say I didn't like the beer, which is their most popular product.
5) C - Fat Tire - FAT TIRE!?!?

See how he snuck that Fat Tire in there? To put it lightly, I was completely blown away with my dislike of the Fat Tire.. I mean, I've got a Fat Tire cycling jersey - that's how much I thought I liked it.

We're not running our reviews, because we're afraid we got a bad (or skunked) batch of Fat Tire - I've got to bring some back from St. Louis at the end of the month to test the theory. I've heard that New Belgium's other beers are better, so I'm going to bring some of them, too. Should be interesting...

14 June 2007

these people are crazy

Sometime Saturday the first of this year's Race Across America participants should roll through the south side of Indianapolis. RAAM, "The World's Toughest Bike Race", feature competitors either doing the race solo, in teams of two, or teams of four. They are given 12 days to cross the country, which averages out to about 250 miles per day.

This race is of particular interest to me because the route uses quite a few roads that I use regularly, and also goes directly behind my subdivision, onto what is possibly the worst road in the whole city, South Tibbs Avenue. I wish I could be in town to sit roadside and cheer the competitors on, but I'll be in Cincinnati instead. But I might paint something on the road, anyway.

RAAM is something I think I might like to do someday; probably not by myself, but perhaps in a four person relay. The folks who do the route solo average like 4 hours of sleep per day, and are known to fall asleep on the bike... not exactly my idea of a good time. My longest one-day ride is currently RAIN, which is 160 miles... I can't quite imagine doing 250 for 12 straight days. But you never know...

23 skidoo.

A coworker just gave me a box of 24 Clif Bars, which I eat when I'm biking. Yippee skippy.

13 June 2007

So I'm sitting here watching the Mexico/Panama Gold Cup soccer game, which is being broadcast on Univision in Spanish, when it hits me... I hate these Mexican fuckers.

I suppose from the outside that might look bad in print... but it's not about Mexico, it's about the players that play for Mexico.

So, yeah. Go Panama.

Oh look, a fight. I blame Mexico. I'd better pay more attention.

your measurements and results

If you're like me, you're wondering what I've been listening to lately. You might say "Me, what are you listening to?" and then you'd reply and say something like this.

"Mastadon. I'm listening to Mastadon's Blood Mountain album. It's a flashback to the days when all I listened to were Megadeth and Metallica and Sepultura and Testament and 100 other bands that are slightly embarrassing in hindsight. But I like Mastadon, it sort of makes my head swim, especially after Hoosier Beer Geek outings."

"Anything else?" you'd ask yourself.

"Oh, I guess the new Queens of the Stone Age. I don't think it's that good, really, but it's got a couple standouts."

"That's it?"

"Well, I downloaded bought a bunch of albums on Pitchfork's recommended list, but nothing is standing out... wait... I'm listening to The Pony's 'Turn the Lights Out'. It reminds me of California and summer and it's probably one of those albums that I'll think is fantastic for about a month or two and then never listen to again. Or maybe not. So... The Ponys. And the new Frank Black album, Bluefinger, is the best thing he's done in forever. And I say that as a bonafide Frank Black fan - I'd rather listen to him than the Pixies. Did I ever tell you about the time I saw Frank Black in St. Louis? Second best show I ever saw. Behind Radiohead on the OK Computer tour, in a club. I like Radiohead most, maybe you didn't know that. Of course you know that, you're me. Duh."

"Ok, so you're crazy, right?"

"Only if I answer myself."

"Oh... good."

"I just want to point out that the Bjork album is horrible. She used to be so good... and then.. I dunno. And there's this Peter Bjorn and John song, 'Up Against the Wall', that's really good. And I'm really over Spoon. Blah."

"Anything else?"

"No. I just looked through my 'My Music' directory to be sure."

you were wondering

So that's the home and away kits for Fulham.


Goodbye to non-posting blogs 64th and Broadway (sorry Scot), Resisting Inertia (see you at Beer Geek), Consuming Indy (maybe "Fasting Indy" would be a better name)... and a bunch of folks I forget... from the blogroll. You didn't need me anyway.

Some day I'll remember you, and check in, and there will be an abundance of catching up to do. It'll be a reward for letting you go now, I think.

11 June 2007

Psst... I'm getting closer to Franeytown.
Oh and who could have figured a post about the scorpions would garner so much attention?

And there he died

This summer has been particularly hectic due to events beyond my control: Well, they're completely controllable, I suppose, but now it's too late. Last year I was waist deep in bike mileage at this time, and well prepared for the Ride Across Indiana. This year... well, not so much.

Ramping up for the ride is what guarantees that it'll go well. Last year I worked off a schedule that ramped up the weekend mileage gradually, and in the two weeks previous to the ride I put 90 mile rides on both weekends. This year I've attempted to ramp up to those 90 mile rides, but somehow I keep finding myself quitting at mile 50 or so. Well, I guess I did 70 last weekend... but in any case, I'm not really feeling it this year.

That would be fine except I've booked up my next three weekends. This coming weekend I'll be in Cincinnati for a National concert/Red game. The following weekend I'll be at a brewfest in Indianapolis (which is sure to put me out of commission for both Saturday and Sunday), and the week following I'll be back in St. Louis for the wedding to end all weddings.

That leaves the week before RAIN to get where I need to be. Or I can put in a ton of miles after work... which is what I'll end up doing. It just sorta sucks because I end up spending the hours of 6-9 on a bike. And wait, I'm supposed to enjoy this.

And I do, but not as much this year.

07 June 2007

my new favorite german

There was a time in my life when rock and roll meant everything, and I lived and died by the code established by awesomely rockin' bands like Skid Row and Testament. Those days are long gone (he said, with a tear in his eye), but I still hate the fucking Scorpions.

Maybe it was The 1989 Moscow Music Peace Festival. A bunch of bands went over to Russia, put on a big show, and the footage must have been on MTV, or else I don't know how I'd know about it. And there, in the middle of it all, changing the world with a whistling little ditty, were the Scorpions. And the worst song ever, Winds of Change.

Anyway, today's new favorite german is Scorpions lead singer Klaus Meine. Why? Because I'm hoping for some sort of reverse mojo. I'm hoping that perhaps I can make his head explode. All through the power of love.

We'll see how it goes.

So perhaps tomorrow you'll open up CNN.com and see the headline "Scorps singer's head explodes!!!". And then you'll think "thank you, Mike". And all will be right with the world again.

05 June 2007

it's a miracle!

So today I went to the doctor to have my blood pressure fixed or whatever, and... it was fine to begin with. No problems, 110/80 (verse the dental school's 130/90).

My doctor said "I think at IU Dental School they should expect your blood pressure to be high."

* * * * *

Officially signed up for RAIN today. Locked in.

04 June 2007

how i'm livin

Friday night about midnight I get a call from my bicycling companion, Dave E, who wants to let me know that he's not going to be attending Saturday's scheduled ride, The B&O somethingorother, because he's still wide awake, and drinking.

I didn't know much about this B&O ride, because it wasn't my idea. It was Dave's. We both had looked at CIBA's calendar, saw the ride, thought "hmm, maybe we should join CIBA"... but Dave made the call. I thought I was showing up for just a normal CIBA ride, where a bunch of people just show up, ride a marked course, and then go home. I brought along a $20 bill to join CIBA, because I've been riding courses they've marked all summer, and I thought maybe I should compensate someone for all the work.

When I arrived at the ride, by myself, I found a large crowd, a bunch of tables, and no way to join CIBA. As it turns out, the B&O ride is a charity ride for some sort of trail. And it's $20 to ride. So instead of $20 to CIBA for a year's worth of rides, I paid $20 to ride one day. Oh well.

I jumped on the bike and started a bit early (maybe 15 minutes?) from the scheduled start time, but once on the course I saw plenty of other riders. I pushed the pace quite a bit and ended up riding by myself for the first 30 miles (at around 20 mph, I guess) and then, when rolling into a little town (I have no idea where I was, I was just following marks on the road), I noticed a rest stop (or a SAG - Stop and Go). There were two guys with bikes at the SAG, an old woman, a table with nothing on it...

"We're not set up yet. Sorry."

I had worked my way through one water bottle, but I still had a second full bottle. Whatever. I paid $20 for this?

Back on the bike.

I had food with me, so I wasn't concerned about bonking (in which you burn up all the fuel in your body and end up riding at about 10 mph for 30 miles), but I was a little flustered none-the-less.

Down a hill, across a wooden bridge, up a gravel covered road... dogs. 3 of them, running next to me, barking. They didn't get in front of me, so... phone call.

"Hi Dave. Nice ride choice. Here comes a paceline... I'll call you back."

3 folks ride by - one of them says "Jump in". I do. There are 3 more folks behind him.

We fall into a pretty tight paceline - 7 of us now - all of them on bikes that cost at least twice what mine did. I always enjoy keeping up with people who spent more money than me.

And now we're pushing 25 mph... and I'm with them for about 3 miles, I guess, and then I'm spit out the back. I hadn't planned for 25 mph. I might have eaten first.

Eventually I arrive at the last SAG, and there's a line of people 100 deep (the SAG was for both the short and long routes - these were people doing the short route). I didn't want to wait. Back on the bike.

I do another 15 miles with some other guy who's just out riding around, then 3 into a headwind and I'm dying... and here comes the group that passed me earlier. They must have actually stopped at the SAG.

They go around, say hello again... Stop sign. And now I'm sticking with them. 20+ mph for the last 10 miles (which were about 8 more than I thought we were supposed to be riding).

Anyway. You read all of that? Must be bored.

70 miles, 19.5 average, stops included. Not bad at all.

I didn't ride sunday. I was tired.

03 June 2007

Now with stretch marks

This is what happens when you spend a lot of time on a bicycle... your arms get skinny and flare at the elbow, you get a very nice tan, and then you get a lot of money and girls. I think.

Those wonderful stretch marks have been there for many many years, and I have no idea how they got there. Steroids, probably.