25 August 2010


since i'm keeping track of my life on this thing, i guess it's worth nothing that for the past three weeks gina and i have been doing the p90x lean program, along with trying to follow the diet. took tonight off, though, as i was feeling pretty burnt out on everything.

back to it tomorrow, so far so good.


with this i decided that i'm not into doing commercial work and dropped out of the "contest" or whatever it was that i was in.

no time no time.

17 August 2010

i'm happy with these

i think they turned out well.

04 August 2010

ideas because i skipped yoga

this one is out of scale, everything needs to be bigger. originally the embellishment at the bottom was just embellishment, and then i saw a face in it, so i tweaked it and added eyeballs. i like that it sort of looks like there's a mustache above the nose. i was playing with the idea of what porters do (did), which is carry shit places. didn't like how my boxes were turning out. so instead i turned him into some sort of gypsy mind control porter.

the "hat" or box that says "porter" was a standard photoshop shape (as was the face) that i tweaked - in this case i cut the bottom off the police badge, flipped it, and merged it with itself.

was approached to maybe do some commercial work today (on the strength of my hbg stuff), we'll see what happens. still don't know what i'm doing, really, but i'm getting there.

oh, i'm back on bebas as a font - it's guilt free and jason likes it.

should have looked into sherpas...

got a photography idea for this weekend, hopefully i can get it done saturday. might take forever.