17 November 2005

worth repeating

One of my favorite things to do it to pull up the stats from my various webpages and see where the visitors are coming from. That stats for this particular page (linked at the bottom) never fail to entertain me.

For example, did you know that someone in the UK was looking for "wife fucked by a man hung like a horse" and found this site?

and here's how.

14 November 2005

nut covered raisins for lunch

hater - down undershoe (TRACK #77 - THE PIERRE TURGEON MEMORIAL TRACK

I kinda doubt anyone looks at this blog anymore, so this is going to be the first in a long string of photos of my ass. I figure it works for the ladies.

Nah nevermind.

I posted a Hater track many moons ago, and I explained that Hater was a Soundgarden side-project kinda-thing, and yesterday this track came up on shuffle on my ipod, and now I present it to you.

This cereal is kinda gross.

Pierre Turgeon was my all time favorite St. Louis Blues hockey player, but they let him go via free agency, and he was never the same.

The Blues are really horrible now, but I don't watch hockey, so good riddance. That's what you get for letting go of Chris Pronger (my second favorite all time Blue).

03 November 2005

what about us?

the fall - ride away

Give it a chance give it a chance.