28 July 2005

on break

I guess this blog is on hold for a little while until I feel like sharing something. All I've been listening to lately is M.I.A.'s Arular. And Pearl Jam. I guess I could just put less effort in. You don't come here to read anyway. Let's try that.

les savy fav - we'll make a lover out of you

I posted this because it the ending (when there's sort of a chorus of guys singing "we'll make a lover out of you") reminds me of old Van Halen. I mean that as a compliment.

deerhoof - panda panda panda

A Japanese band that sounds Japanese. I haven't really heard a Japanese band that hasn't sounded Japanese yet, now that I think about it.

22 July 2005

2 weeks off

underworld - two months off

I've recently been thinking about my upcoming vacation and that always sort of leads to thoughts of my relationship with my pal Jon and sort of "how did I get here". Also, this time around, I'm wondering if I'll have the best time ever, again, or if I'll get sick like last time (still had the best time ever) or if my current ankle problems will fix themselves because Japan involves a ton of walking.

Whatever, you don't really care about that.

The song I've put up today is Underworld's "Two Months Off", a track that contains the vocal stylings of Naomi Campbell (at least it sounds A LOT like her. I know this because we're old friends) before the song really kicks into high gear.

Jon introduced me to Underworld many years ago now, and this introduction opened a lot of musical door for me. Prior to Underworld, I pretty much hated anything dance-related; Nowadays all I want to do is dance. In fact, right now I'm doing the lambada with a stapler. It's hard to not appreciate the amount of freedom I have at work.

So this one is dedicated to Jon. I hope he hasn't heard this track, though I'm guessing he probably has. I've always wanted Jon to like the things I've introduced to him, and I think I'm probably hitting at about a 25-40% clip... maybe I'm better than that, maybe I'm worse. I think it's sort of natural to want to share and hope people enjoy the same things you do... I think I've probably written about this before. Ok. I'm going to stop typing now.

20 July 2005

i hate music

shudder to think - ballad of maxwell demon
jack wilson - see sky crumbling

You might think that since I bother with posting music on this blog that I'm a fan of music, but the truth is that it's pretty rare that I actually hear something I like. In fact, even if I find something I like, it's pretty likely that I'll sour on it within a month or two.

I've been trying to find new stuff that hasn't been heard basically anywhere to post here, but like I said, I don't really like anything.

So that's why the two tracks I've put up today are special. They're both things I've liked for quite some time now, even though originally I would have never thought that would be the case (and I'll explain below).

The first track is Shudder To Think's "Ballad Of Maxwell Demon" from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack... have I posted this before? For some reason I think I have now... nevermind, I haven't.

I've always dug this song for a few reasons: 1) I liked the movie 2) I always picture guys wearing white leather gloves performing this song, and for some reason that appeals to me 3)there's a lot of harmony here 4) it's quite dramatic. Or at least it sounds quite dramatic. I've never really paid any attention to the lyrics, other than to notice they sound good with the music.

This sort of glammy stuff usually isn't my thing, but this song has always been good to me. So now I'd like it to be good to you.

The second track is by DJ Brewer, a guy I know from Pittsburgh, who goes by the alias of Jack Wilson for performance sake. When you know someone in a band or someone who performs, I think it's only natural that you'll be forgiving or overlook their shortcomings in order to enjoy what they do. In the past I've had friends in horrible bands that I still learned to enjoy because I enjoyed the people. It's only in hindsight that you realize how horrible their music or art truly was.

But in the case of DJ's stuff I've never had to overlook or forgive anything. This track works for me because I can relate to the way he's thinking (which I take as "everything falls apart, but fuck it"), and because it's just really well done across the board.

So there it is. I hope he doesn't mind me giving it away for free. He's got more stuff at myspace, but that might require a registration or something. You'll see pictures of him there looking quite hard, but I can assure you he drinks milk straight from the baby cow's teet. Or something equally cute/frightening.

Have at it.

15 July 2005

unaborted aborted post

Song Added by Request 7/19/05 - Geto Boys - Fuck Em'

Originally Posted 7/15/05

I don't really want to post this song any more, but I do want to post what I wrote because I thought it was important enough to save as a draft for the past month.

Track #4, if I have space, is the Geto Boys "Fuck Em'", which wins the award for most uses of Scarface samples in a song. It is my belief that this is a Rick Rubin produced song from way back in like 1994 or something. I think hip hop hit a sweet spot right around then, and with this track the proof is in the pudding. The Geto Boys (and that IS how you spell their name. I double checked) were pretty great because they've got a really smart sounding midget, songs about cutting up prostitutes, and they're from Houston, which is where Jason went to school.

Well fuck it I ran out of space. I'll post the geto boys track next time.

13 July 2005

summer babe

Jason said:
these july afternoons leave me nostalgic and searching for a gorgeous anthem that can convey the heady days of the early 90s in southern illinois.
something bittersweet without being melancholy; purposeful but not pretentious; something that reminds you of a young lad just learning to drive; behind the wheel of a dull beige citation. the exhilaration, those first tentative steps into the blue expansive waters of freedom; not too deep at first, mind you, just comfortable but gazing ahead... what would be playing on the poorly designed vertical am/fm radio in this boy's chariot of adolescence? what song would carry him down country roads in the summer of 1992? it would be so difficult for a song of today to recreate those complicated times, but i'm sure you can find it. we're counting on you.

mclusky - she will only bring you happiness
art brut - moving to l.a.
mike watt - chinese firedrill

I have to admit that I was excited by the prospect of filling a request. It was an idea I had thought of suggesting earlier but never acted upon. I prefer a little interaction, you may have noticed.

Instead of just putting up the request though, I'm going to make it a sort of theme... "Music for that 16 year old in the Chevy Citation".

First track: McLusky's "She Will Only Bring You Happiness". This has always reminded me of Pavement's "Cut Your Hair"; but it's got that pessimistic and sarcastic vibe that McLusky (now broken up) were great for. Of course you've also got the around singing at the end. I'd explain that more but I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't heard the track. I'll just say it's humorous to me now, and I know it would have been just as funny for me when I was 16.

I've included the second track (Art Brut's "Moving to LA") because it has an Axl Rose reference, and at age 16 we were all about Axl Rose. The whole Art Brut album is sort of cheeky like this track, so if that's your kind of thing I highly recommend picking it up.

Track three, Chinese Firedrill, is from Mike Watt's alternative music superstar all star team album "Ballhog Or Tugboat". This album had guest appearances from everyone from Henry Rollins to Mike D (you can read more about that here) and has always been a closet favorite of mine. Of course I discovered this around the age of 16, and only really knew about it because I was a fan of Eddie Vedder, and he appears on the album. Of course Watt is perhaps better known as a member of The Minutemen, but I didn't discover them really until maybe two years ago.

I think maybe Chinese Firedrill fits the request best. Though I don't know how this would have sounded through a sideways stereo*, it isn't exactly Pearl Jam either, which was the first thing that came to mind when I read Jason's comment.

I still listen to Pearl Jam alot, actually.

*Interesting Note: I believe Jon Schmitt also knows about sideways radios... I seems like maybe he had a car with one. I also almost ended up with an Oldsmobile Firenza, which also had the sideways radio. How does a car designer come up with a dash that doesn't have room for a traditional radio? We will probably never know.

11 July 2005

i could be one of the dead

REPOSTED TRACK - john frusciante - running away into you
john frusciante - past recedes
john frusciante - your pussy's glued to a building on fire

Today I've put up three tracks by John Frusciante, one of which I've posted before. The last time I posted Frusciante track I had a very good response, and I recently discovered another album by him, so I thought I'd revisit his music.

The first new track, "Past Recedes", is from the album "Curtains", which was released after John had gotten off the drugs and rejoined the Chili Peppers. I downloaded the track just this past Friday, and driving home from work I was struck by how good the Curtain album sounds. It perfectly fit my mood that day, which was sort of a resigned to boredom hot summer day driving kind of vibe. I really could have posted any of the first 5 songs from the album, because honestly I'm not that familiar with the whole thing yet because my iTrip crapped out on me. You'll probably immediately notice how far John's music has come here, as this more put together and better produced than anything off of "Niadre Lades and Usually Just A T-Shirt", which is the album I posted from earlier.

"Your Pussy's Glued to a Building On Fire", from Niandre Lades, is my second choice today. After giving you a hint at how strange the Niandre Lades album is with "Running Away Into You", I thought I could help you dive in headfirst. I don't really remember if this particular track has the random screaming/screeching/dying that about 70% of Niandre Lades has, but in any case it's chock full of odd, which means (at least for me) it's enjoyable about once every 6 months.

Alright. Fantastic.

06 July 2005

i like him

joanna newsom - peach plum pear
modern lovers - i'm straight
tom ze - toc

Continuing with a theme of posting whatever, today I've put up three songs that are completely unrelated, other than I like them.

Track 1, Joanna Newsom's "Peach Plum Pear" is a song I've written about before; I discovered it in a blog I have linked here. As I've said before, Miss Newsom manages to sound like about 5 different people here, and I find it highly entertaining. Not to mention that I just happen to enjoy the song for song's sake.

Track 2, Modern Lover's "I'm Straight".... I'm not in the mood for this today. It's a good song, either you like it or you don't, maybe no one's reading this anyway, and I don't feel like I need to entertain myself today. Fuck it.

Track 3 is by Tom Ze, this Brazilian dude (I guess) and I sounds like a Books' song. A lot of stereo panning, very sort of minimalist guitars parts, and I'm in the mood for Taco Bell. Bye. Fuck it.

01 July 2005

no wars no cars i wish it could be true

ellen allien - wish
annie - heartbeat
basement jaxx - hot and cold

If you consider yourself hip and on top of things musically, these tracks may be old news to you. In that case... Whatever. I guess I've just outed myself... I think I'm hip and on top of things musically. But don't think that if you're not familiar with these songs that I think you're not hip and on top of things musically. I just think you're swell.

Track #1 today is Ellen Allien's "Wish". Ellen Allien is a german DJ. I don't really know much about her except that he's into animals and wires and doesn't like cars. I tend to think that people that are against the idea of cars have never really been out in America. And while I quite enjoyed Japan's rail system when I visited, sometimes you just need a car. Anyway, sentiment aside (and it's not really a big deal to me anyway), this song is good stuff, and (ironically enough) sounds fantastic blaring out of the speakers of my VW Golf.

Track 2, Annie's "Heartbeat", is a song about hearts, and beating, and trully trully like a mystery (I think?). Get ready to dancercize! I have no stories for these songs. I just like them. Get off my back. I'm in a writing rut here. Two for two on songs that aren't filled with oogly boogly sadness.

I've chosen Basement Jaxx's "Hot And Cold" as my third track today, because it's good. Sometimes I'll choose a song because it's horrible, which is why from now on all I'm posting is Crazy Frog and other homemade crap remixes of Axel F. Seriously though, Beverly Hills Cop, Bitch.

Have a nice holiday weekend, unless you're in Japan, in which case you should just have a nice weekend.