31 January 2011

after winterfest

busy weekend, lack of workouts, bad food


looked at some bicycles yesterday.

24 January 2011

week 2

san francisco over, put on (I thought 2, but just 1) pounds.


13 January 2011

week 1

weight taken early since i'm leaving for sf tomorrow (where i'll put the weight back on)

-7 lbs/208lbs

12 January 2011

San Francisco

I might as well put all my eggs in one basket.

i didn't write these, putting them here so i don't have to dig for them. so when lucy sanders goes googling her name... hi lucy. nice work.

Re: SF beer joints
easy. the best new place in the area is across the bay in oakland: beer revolution. a mix of toronado atmosphere with a huge to go selection. just a few blocks away is the trappist. two rooms of good belgian & local specialty beers. here in sf there are a number of new beer bars in the gastropub style: the republic, de la rosa, the tipsy pig, fat angel, & monk's kettle. i prefer the bars with a little less beer & more character. one of my favorites is run by johnny davis (one of the toronado stalwarts). it's called benders. 12 taps (pliny the elder & green flash beers always on tap) & stiff drinks. a bar for people who like bars (punk rock, country, & golden age hip hop always on the jukebox). off the beaten track (in the excelsior district) is broken record. only 8 beers, well chosen, but the star here is the collection of small batch spirits. there have been a bunch of restaurants & bars opening that are fighting the good fight. it's definitely becoming the norm not the exception as far as good drinking goes in this town. even most music venues serve the good stuff now.
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San Francisco—A City of Delights
San Francisco—A City of Delights
By Lucy Saunders

San Francisco is a city of delights—especially culinary delights. Fantastic fresh foodstuffs, craft breweries, and brewpubs make the city’s beer scene vibrant.

“Craft beer has hit a new critical mass in the food community, and it is reflected in increased sales and attention to craft beer in what seems like every great restaurant in town,” says David McLean, brewer and owner of Magnolia Gastropub and The Alembic. “This is obviously not just a local phenomenon, and is especially welcomed here and now. In the not too distant past, craft beer has sometimes felt a little overshadowed by the amazing wine scene that surrounds us.”

Beer mapping among San Francisco restaurants yields dozens of recommendations, but here are a few of the top picks, starting with an exceptional gastropub at the ball park, where you can nosh for as little as $10.

The Public House | 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107
The Public House, inside the Willie Mays Park, finally perfected the gastropub formula; upscale pub food, 24 well chosen taps, and dozens of bottles, says Chuck Lenatti, editor of allbrews, a Bay Area based beer blog.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill | 545 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Beer loves sausage and vice versa. But you can also enjoy beer with breakfast sausage, according to Owner and Grillmeister of Rosamunde Sausage Grill, Josh Margolis. “Personally, I’m of the mind that craft beer is more versatile with food, so we offer the fabulous Old Rasputin, North Coast Brewing Company's Imperial Stout which tastes like espresso. It pairs really well with the grilled sausage and egg breakfast sandwich, with arugula, grilled onions and Cheddar cheese.”

The Alembic | 1725 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
For just $25, you can put together an amazing progression of tastings at The Alembic, Dave McLean’s small plate restaurant in The Haight. McLean says, “Because of my brewing background and love for beer, Alembic is one of those places where the craft beer selection is much wider than its wine selection, but less so than its spirits, which is Alembic’s main focus.” The menu is inventive, with combinations such as fresh sea urchin and roasted corn chowder, roasted bone marrow with capers and hot peppers, and bittersweet chocolate dessert with salted coconut.


The Monk's Kettle | 3141 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
The Monk's Kettle often hosts The San Francisco Brewers Guild's monthly “meet the brewer” gathering. Co-founder Christian Albertson says, “We've also started a vintage list, with fifteen rotating choices. In planning our beer dinners, we begin with a discussion about what beers we'll be using, then create dishes to highlight their flavor profile. This is an interesting way to go about it, since you start with the beer first, then develop the food course to complement it.” Beyond beer dinners, expect solid pub fare, such as burgers and salads, prepared with organic, fresh, free-range ingredients from top-quality purveyors, and a rotating selection of American craft beer on tap.

monk3nuBar Crudo | 655 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
You can enjoy fresh seafood with a range of American craft beers at Bar Crudo for right around $30. Make sure to try one of my favorite pairings, the West Coast oysters with East Coast’s Allagash Brewing Company White. Bar Crudo takes the beer dinner to the next level. At a recent “Land Meets Sea” dinner, Moonlight Brewing Co. offered five courses paired with six beers for $85. The menu included creations such as King Mackerel Crudo, atop a salad of water cress, endive, sliced pear, duck prosciutto, almond dust, and tossed in a creamy pear dressing, paired with brewer Brian Hunt’s Sour Mash Wheat Ale.

Across the town, fine restaurants feature American craft beer on their menus. According to San Francisco’s Beer-Chef, Bruce Paton, “The San Francisco Brewers Guild has helped raise the profile of craft beer within the culinary community. Since its founding, The Guild has taken part in several high profile food events that had been previously dominated by wine and distilled spirits.”
Members of the San Francisco Brewers Guild include:

21st Amendment Brewery | 563 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Partners Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan offer unique, hand crafted beers, great food, and provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that invites conversation, interaction, and a sense of community.

Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant | 1000 Great Hwy, San Francisco, CA 94121
Housed in 1930s era Golden Gate Park Visitors Center, guests enjoy modern American cuisine and hand crafted ales amidst the beauty of restored Works Progress Administration frescoes and a breathtaking ocean view.

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant | 2 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Gordon Biersch serves authentic German style beer, and the menu consists of appetizers and entrees influenced by a variety of cuisines. All their offerings are designed to complement Dan Gordon's signature lager beer.

Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery | 1398 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
The Magnolia honors traditional brewing styles and methods while adding something modern and fresh to the conversation. The kitchen uses the bounty of California-produced ingredients to create a menu inspired by the great cooking traditions of pubs and beer halls.

Social Kitchen & Brewery | 1326 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
Cuisine à la bière is the idea that beer plays a role in the kitchen and deserves a place at the table. The Social Kitchen & Brewery is modeled after this idea, and produces accessible beers that are food-friendly and full of flavor.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers | 1195 Evans Avenue # A, San Francisco, CA 94124
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, in beautiful Bayview, is producing Prohibition era ales and lagers in small batches.

ThirstyBear Brewing Co. | 661 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
ThirstyBear is known for the Spanish influences found on the menu, such as crispy calamari bites with piquillo peppers and a dusting of grated Manchego cheese.

For reviews of more beer-centric restaurants throughout the Bay Area, including Oakland and Berkeley, visit Chuck Lenatti's blog, allbrews. Cheers!


oronado toronado
@hoosierbeergeek u should peek @sfbrewersguild... that will get most, + us, @ChurchKeySF, @citybeerstore , @monkskettle ... that's SF proper
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MurdarioStomp scott p
@hoosierbeergeek go to Toronado, Monks Kettle, The Trappist. stop by City Beer for an AMAZING selection. go to russian river !!!

weavr Rodney
@imames @thedudeabides81 @hoosierbeergeek Rogue Public House, even though you guys hate Rouge
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11 January 2011

06 January 2011

and last night we rejoined the gym

if you're me, you're used... or at least you have in your head that your weight is supposed to be anywhere between 183 and 190. it's suppose to be lower than that, but that's where it ends up most of the time.

i've had a really good time enjoying food and drink of late - it's not like i'm unhappy, but...

215 is not the number you expect to see on the scale.

just so happens that there's a weight loss contest at work, and i happen to know how to lose weight. so it's back to the grind. hopefully in prep for track cycling in the spring.