27 April 2009

oh hey

fulham wasn't on the television this weekend, but they won, pushing into 7th place. the top 6 or 7 teams at the end of the year will play in a wider european league, as well as the premiership, which means more money and more games and greater exposure. it's very exciting, specially considering how bad of shape fulham was in last year.

fulham really is a big deal to me, being the team i follow above all others, moreso than any american team (perhaps even the us national team). i don't miss games. so anyway, this all makes me quite happy.

it may be silly to get tied up into sports, but it's a welcome distraction, and football only requires a couple of hours to follow. so, kudos, football.

if you're wondering why i use the word football when i'm very obviously talking about soccer, it's because if you watch as much as i do, you get used to speaking about it in the same way everyone else you know does. and since everyone else i know that talks about football is english and lives in my television... football it is.

this was my weekend

i made a video even.

22 April 2009

so i've scheduled a knee surgery for june 5th. and this week i've been biking. without knee pain.

granted, i haven't hit it all that hard...

wouldn't that be something?

16 April 2009


this week has been unfun.

thanks, work.

10 April 2009

Listening list

whole albums as usual

D'Angelo - Voodoo
Doves - Kingdom of Rust
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimist
Isis - Wavering Radiant
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

special shout out to force of habit. i wanna talk about those lyrics to 'mercury'. i'm not afraid to say they're a little goofy. no offense, goofy lyric writer.

09 April 2009

As suspected..

right knee surgery in june.

06 April 2009


friday - work, mom arrives, deano's for supper/oberon/gumballhead/alpha king (note: alpha king tasted like unmixed kool-aid. did we have that same problem as dorman street?)

saturday - farmer's market (chicken acquired), goose the market, gray goat (mom bought a bike), creation cafe, fulham v liverpool (loss), italian sausage off the grill, late night cnn and missle launches from north korea, finished omnivore's dilemma (that's a winner)

sunday - long's donuts, borders, break adjustment, mom leaves, tour of flanders (kinda blah), three kings (netflix), bed, game over.

looking at the 5 million pound challenge, only because i read an article about metabolism last night, the challenge has a lot of small snack/meals, and my interest was piqued. worked for a coworker/cyclist...

haven't been working out at all. haven't been riding much. weight up about 5lbs. been eating a lot. hmm..

01 April 2009

hello, 2 readers

I hope you're finding the entertainment you desire from these blog posts about bicycles and beer and how I'm old, forgetful, and in constant pain.

My other blog is the beer blog. This is the whine blog.