01 April 2009

hello, 2 readers

I hope you're finding the entertainment you desire from these blog posts about bicycles and beer and how I'm old, forgetful, and in constant pain.

My other blog is the beer blog. This is the whine blog.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

Whiner is better than Wino. Or is that the other way around? I always get them backwards.

Audra said...

I think it's best to be both, I should know because I am and I think I am pretty great!!

Anonymous said...

i also read this.


Brant A. Zurliene said...

See Mike, you have at least 3 readers. Only one of which is interested in your crazy incoherent rants and raves. Guess which one... (hint: his name is Jim). The rest of us love you like a sibling...who rode the short bus...and needs a diaper change.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Prefer whining. Makes me feel better. That whole beer blog makes me feel so alone, like I'm not part of anything cool. But your blog, I imagine you sitting in a dark room, void of anything "cool" and when you're not blogging, your rocking in the corner singing "Santa Claus is coming" over and over and over.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

I read all your entries, though too often in silence.

I have started a new blog which is actually thematic. My Isthmus is now officially retired. It had a good run. It might come out of retirement, but not in the future.

My new blog's address is:

check it out! JON