30 January 2008

someday in the future, I won't remember it

Some people might consider the amount of notes I take amazing - my gmail is full of every little thing, with notes in emails hoping that in the future, when a thought crosses my mind, that I'll have had the insight to think of what I might put into the search box. Vacation ideas, beers to drink, movies to watch, websites to visit - all of it in there, begging to be forgotten, or replaced with another new list of thing I'd love to investigate further.

I had this problem with magazines for a long time - I couldn't throw things out for fear that I'd want to read them later. Now I've taken to tearing out pages, circling things with markers... eventually the stack of magazine got to be too much. I've still got a couple years' worth of old Dwell issues in the closet for when I have my next home designed - filled with so many little details that it might be impossible to achieve. For the longest time I was stocking 11 or so issues of King magazine, one I picked up for free - I called it my official guide to black culture.


When I got involved with HBG I think I may have dragged all the others into this mess - the amount of ideas I get seems almost stupid. And lucky for them, they get an email every time I think of something.

I'm trying to cut down. Make an effort. That's my motto this week.

I get my best ideas in the bathroom, usually in the evenings, when I'm looking at myself in the mirror, maybe poking at my teeth. When this happens, I'll run out of the room, tell Gina what I just thought of, and then, usually, forget it forever.

28 January 2008

And then I threw a smoke bomb

Yesterday afternoon I took advantage of the rare 40 degree temperatures and took a 40 mile bike ride south of Indianapolis. It was at mile 30 or so when I stopped in at gas station to get a drink, shedding a couple layers before I ventured into the establishment.

While click-clacking my slippery bottomed shoes across the tile floor, a woman turned to look at me with an expression only befitting the appearance of aliens on the front lawn - she actually double and triple took my appearance.

After acquiring my fountain diet pepsi, I returned to my bike outside and began to wonder why the woman was so confused. Was it that she had never been struck with the combination of extreme shrinkage and spandex pants? Perhaps. Or perhaps it was my overall choice of apparel.

You see, I was wearing nothing short of 9 brands of clothing yesterday: A helmet by Giro, and helmet liner by Performance Bike, full fingered gloves by Performance, bike gloves by Specialized, a wind breaker/rain coat from Cannondale, a polyester warming coat from Old Navy, a jersey by Voler, and undershirt by Under Armour, Bib Pants by Performance Bike, wool socks by DeFeet, shoes by Specialized, and shoe covers by Pearl Izumi.

If you're used to seeing cyclists out on the road, you might suspect that every piece of clothing I was wearing was a different color. While that certainly paints an entertaining picture, that wasn't the case at all. Everything (visible) I was wearing was black.

So I'm left to think that the womans confusion laid in the fact that it was cold. Or perhaps she was just confused that a bearded ninja in plastic shoes had appeared in her local gas station, when she could only have been expecting Bozo.

23 January 2008

put put put puttin on the hits

i bet you don't remember that show, but i do.

and so does youtube.

16 January 2008


Eddie Johnson's on Fulham now. That's exactly the sort of player we don't need - inconsistant, undersized, a stick of a player...

I don't want to admit it, but Fulham's going down barring a miracle. And Eddie Johnson is not a miracle. He's a streaky one-footed pushover.



15 January 2008

10 January 2008

i know what the smell is

do you guys out in the warehouse think that the smell of *** doesn't stay in your clothing? because it does. i mean, annoyingly so.

i know we're pretty lax here, but jesus.

09 January 2008

drinking: He'Brew 11

XXXXX: heh thats underworld
lponkd: they do this sort of victorious world beater best day of my life anthem thing really well
lponkd: not in a u2 way though
lponkd: i dunno
lponkd: it's so rare in life when you actually have one of those days that any taste of it is nice, i guess
lponkd: watch out, i've been drinking

* * * * *

someone mentioned an episode of no reservations where tony was in brazil and he just couldn't stop smiling... i know that feeling, i had in hiroshima more than once.

03 January 2008

Tiny Globules

Way back when I lost all the weight, I did so with a combination of exercise, lean meats, and raisin bran. A lot of raisin bran - it was pretty much the only thing I ate for lunch for months.

Nowadays that recipe doesn't work - well it works ok - but generally I end up hitting a wall at 183 lbs or so. Of course I'm not at 183 right now - I'm at 195. Which is too much.

So yesterday I started a new experiment, a low carb thing based not only on Atkins induction phase (and I know about the Atkins shortcomings and I've addressed them. OR MAYBE I'LL DIE TOMORROW) and an old This American Life episode about fasting. You can go ahead and tell me how unsafe this is, just keep in mind that I'm already in a vegetative state for lack of sugar.

Anyway, what it is: Yesterday I had no breakfast, today I had an Atkins brand shake thing (not bad, but it was sweet, and I'm already desperate), I'm eating (drinking) a chicken broth/finely chopped chicken mix for lunch (this is pretty much the blandest possible substance on the planet. I've eaten tastier rocks), and then I get home for supper and eat one of the 300 or so chicken breasts I secured from work yesterday. And some bacon on that. And some cheddar cheese. And then a piece of ham. And another piece of cheese. And a piece of bologna. Ham. Cheese. Salad with lo-carb dressing. Cheese.

TADA! 1300 or so calories (that's really low), half protein, half fat, ALL WONDERFUL!

Eating like this is really odd - like last night when I found myself eating a mint I had picked up at a random restaurant and suddenly thought "wait, not allowed". And when I suddenly find myself shivering. Ok, that was because it was cold in the house.

AND - no beer. Which is also weird, because usually when I'm cooking chicken breasts or whatever, I'll have a beer to help pass the cooking time away. And I eat a ton of chocolate - so dropping that is weird. And it's day 2. Of 14 or so.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.