03 January 2008

Tiny Globules

Way back when I lost all the weight, I did so with a combination of exercise, lean meats, and raisin bran. A lot of raisin bran - it was pretty much the only thing I ate for lunch for months.

Nowadays that recipe doesn't work - well it works ok - but generally I end up hitting a wall at 183 lbs or so. Of course I'm not at 183 right now - I'm at 195. Which is too much.

So yesterday I started a new experiment, a low carb thing based not only on Atkins induction phase (and I know about the Atkins shortcomings and I've addressed them. OR MAYBE I'LL DIE TOMORROW) and an old This American Life episode about fasting. You can go ahead and tell me how unsafe this is, just keep in mind that I'm already in a vegetative state for lack of sugar.

Anyway, what it is: Yesterday I had no breakfast, today I had an Atkins brand shake thing (not bad, but it was sweet, and I'm already desperate), I'm eating (drinking) a chicken broth/finely chopped chicken mix for lunch (this is pretty much the blandest possible substance on the planet. I've eaten tastier rocks), and then I get home for supper and eat one of the 300 or so chicken breasts I secured from work yesterday. And some bacon on that. And some cheddar cheese. And then a piece of ham. And another piece of cheese. And a piece of bologna. Ham. Cheese. Salad with lo-carb dressing. Cheese.

TADA! 1300 or so calories (that's really low), half protein, half fat, ALL WONDERFUL!

Eating like this is really odd - like last night when I found myself eating a mint I had picked up at a random restaurant and suddenly thought "wait, not allowed". And when I suddenly find myself shivering. Ok, that was because it was cold in the house.

AND - no beer. Which is also weird, because usually when I'm cooking chicken breasts or whatever, I'll have a beer to help pass the cooking time away. And I eat a ton of chocolate - so dropping that is weird. And it's day 2. Of 14 or so.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.


Jim said...

You might want to make sure that you have some Metamucil on hand...

Christopher Maples said...

Why are you doing most of your calories at night instead of the am?

Brownie said...

He does the calories at night because it's easier to dream them away.

Mike said...

i'm doing most of my calories at night because that's when i'm at home and all the food is in front of me.

it's a lot easier not to eat at work.

Christopher Maples said...


Anonymous said...

you should know...sedley has started posting again.