30 January 2008

someday in the future, I won't remember it

Some people might consider the amount of notes I take amazing - my gmail is full of every little thing, with notes in emails hoping that in the future, when a thought crosses my mind, that I'll have had the insight to think of what I might put into the search box. Vacation ideas, beers to drink, movies to watch, websites to visit - all of it in there, begging to be forgotten, or replaced with another new list of thing I'd love to investigate further.

I had this problem with magazines for a long time - I couldn't throw things out for fear that I'd want to read them later. Now I've taken to tearing out pages, circling things with markers... eventually the stack of magazine got to be too much. I've still got a couple years' worth of old Dwell issues in the closet for when I have my next home designed - filled with so many little details that it might be impossible to achieve. For the longest time I was stocking 11 or so issues of King magazine, one I picked up for free - I called it my official guide to black culture.


When I got involved with HBG I think I may have dragged all the others into this mess - the amount of ideas I get seems almost stupid. And lucky for them, they get an email every time I think of something.

I'm trying to cut down. Make an effort. That's my motto this week.

I get my best ideas in the bathroom, usually in the evenings, when I'm looking at myself in the mirror, maybe poking at my teeth. When this happens, I'll run out of the room, tell Gina what I just thought of, and then, usually, forget it forever.

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Jim said...

My ideas usually come while driving in the car or while in bed at 4:00 a.m. Needless to say, note taking is not conducive in either situation, so I end up forgetting all of my brilliance.