01 February 2008

secrets of waverhill drive

Many of you reading this blog are aware that I have someone living in my spare room. What you may not be aware of is that that person is firmly in the republican camp.

This leads to interesting conversations. I generally like to try to see things both ways, and I can certainly understand the shortcomings of both viewpoints. My attitude is that it's our sort of natural duty to take care of people, even when we're being taken advantage of. If you believe in any sort of god, I think in the end you'll get your reward.

I don't think that our roommate feels the same way. I can understand that. I just don't necessarily agree with it. I guess I'm just sort of anti-negativity - I truly believe that things work themselves out. Which I realize is a sort of hippie head-in-the-clouds attitude.

I dunno. Works for me. What are you gonna do? Worry about everything? Fuck that.

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Anonymous said...

This is your roommate. Your rent check is on the way.

While I agree that we should take of people, I feel that we should also encourage them to learn to take care of themselves and have some responsibility. It doesn't seem right that I should work hard to take care of someone who can work but chooses not to.