23 February 2009

should be interesting...

Looking at my training schedule for this week:
There is a group that goes by Southwestway Park between 8:30-8:45 on Sunday mornings, if the weather is reasonable. This is a strong group of riders and they will ride to Wilbur and back -- they will not wait for you if you get dropped. I would suggest you drive down to the park and be ready to go as they come by and sit in for as long as you can. They will hit about 8 good hills down to Wilbur and back. If it is raining and cold, they won't be down that way. If it is much below 30 they probably won't either. From SWW park to Wilbur and back it is about 55 miles
I can't say I've ever just shown up in the middle of a groupride, so this'll be a new experience. I'm hoping I don't get my ass handed to me.

But if I do, I guess I'll have learned something.

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Brant A. Zurliene said...

Bring a gun just in case... and some licorice sticks. You can make straws out of them you know.