26 February 2009

So there was this (Dec 8th, 08):
body composition
body density: 1.032
percent body fat: 29.7%
fat weight (lbs): 59.2
lean body weight (lbs): 140.4
total weight (lbs): 199.6

Body composition goals
Short term (4-6 months)
percent body fat: 21.0% change: -8.7%
lean body weight (lbs): 141.5 change: +1.1 (lbs)
body fat weight (lbs): 37.6 change: -21.6 (lbs)
body weight (lbs): 179.1 change: -20.5 (lbs)
Right now I'm at 185. 71.2% of goal, and nearly 3/4 of the early end of that time window.

I'm guessing I'll hit 183 by Monday.

Here is a photo of me holding a beer. after the beer and everyone left i went crazy and devoured everything on the table. except the nacho chips. but everything else was decimated.

I blame:


Jessica said...

The hummus you got at Kroger right? I thought it was pretty good and Rod and I spent the drive home trying to figure out what was in it. What kind was it?

Mike said...

Gina really really hated it but I thought it was good too.

Ask her, she bought it.