16 April 2010

a new competitor

now that i've finally killed my audience i can fill the page with cooking shows


Mark said...

My basement is fixed (hopefully), but not re-carpeted yet.
My knee is hosed and I had to stop the pushups.
It's nice outside and my son likes fishing.
I may have purchased a handgun to go with my new rifle.

Mike said...

stock up on the guns now before the liberals take them away.


fat television hosts who yell a lot.

ps. i kinda want a gun to shoot at gas cans and other stuff that might explode. i saw hunter thompson do it once, and it looked fun. is this a good plan?

Mark said...

It's the best plan.
I did not get the pistol. It had 2 chambers that misfired every time I shot it.
The new rifle, Marlin 983 .22-Mag, is super nice and of course the shotty is always fun.