14 July 2008

hi jim brown

gina's friend roni from finland just bought a srt8 dodge magnum with the 6.1 hemi - then he threw on some flowmasters and he's got a supercharger on order. because 425 horsepower isn't enough, i guess.

roni makes nice money, but i think he's sorta like 'oh well whatever'.

hmm what else.

watched the rain ride roll by the subdivision this weekend. well, before that we saw a guy spin his taurus and nearly end up in the pond. not really sure how that happened. instead of ending up in the pond he just ended up in a field. no damage. it was entertaining.


bought some beer, rode a bike, watched persopolis (A-), caught up on the tour (whatever), made a vegetarian quiche (A+). ate chicken curry. got the AIDS. Thug Life.

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