09 July 2008

so if you're wondering what i've been doing, it's ride a bike to work, work, ride home, shower, eat, sit on couch playing grand theft auto iv or watching a movie from blockbuster

be kind rewind = c-
cloverfield = b+/a-
walk hard = c

also i've been waiting for fulham to sign someone worth being excited about, but as it turns out fulham are a mid to bottom table club and they don't do that sort of thing.

i've still got that mls package but i haven't watched an mls game in months. i will not purchase again next year.

i haven't been drinking a beer every night like i had been. empty calories. well, not empty. tasty. but not really benefitial.

what else. hmm.



Jim said...

I'd give Cloverfield a B. Glad I didn't see it in the theater. That would have been barf city for me. I was getting a little nauseous just watching it on my 19" television.

Mike said...

i didn't have that problem, though i know a guy who did see it at the theater and had to leave pretty early in.

watching the extras and getting the full story, i don't think they exactly accomplished all they had hoped for - they wanted the monster to come across as a frightened baby animal. i don't think that came across exactly. and then they were also trying to create an american godzilla. i'd say they did a pretty good job there.

Jonathan Schmitt said...

Walk Hard = A

I went to the Japan premier of Cloverfield in Tokyo, and met the producer (famous guy they say) and was mistaken as the main actor Michael Stahl-David by some autograph-hunting Japanese people.

I signed their paper, "WifeBeaters".


Mike said...

awesome story.

Anonymous said...

If you get a hankerin' for a really engaging documentary I'd recommend "King of Kong: a Fistful of Quarters" wholeheartedly. It's probably the best documentary I've seen since "Good Monkey, Bad Monkey"