07 December 2010

rode to work

current temps: 13 feels like 3

rapha winter cap
rapha base
rapha winter jersey
showers pass elite jacket
rapha bib knickers
brand p winter bib tights
specialized radiant gloves
defeet wooleator socks
specialized road shoes
endura overshoe

toes got a little cold towards the end of the ride, and face was cold as usual, but i kept decently warm. legs were pretty damn red when i got undressed. that's why i keep long underwear at work.

worth noting that this was probably my first time on the bike in more than a couple months, and it's not like i got many miles in in the time before that, either.

probably weight 205ish right now, that's not a good place for me to be (as my clothes are starting to not fit).

pretty rough riding in, rode off the shoulder in the fog of early morning tiredness/low light/overweight and outta shape.

it only gets better...

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