20 October 2008

bike notes

temp this morning was supposed to be that 35-45 range, so i wore the full finger gloves, and a baselayer as well just in case, and i was still way cold. maybe a hat would be a good idea. and toe covers. for future reference.

this weekend we didn't do much. friday night we went to siam in fountain square (whatever) and then deano's and were good and and worn out by 9:30, at which point we went home and went to bed. asleep by 10, i'd guess. we are old.

work up saturday at like 11:30 or so, had some folks over to drink some of the beer from colorado, finished up that by 7, got a hamburger from steak n shake, caught up on the tivo'd stuff, bed at 2 am.

sunday up at 10, bike by 11:30, set up an account on daily plate to track my intake, went and bought up groceries for the $50/week men's health plan (good food), spent $100 instead of $50 somehow. went home, made the food for monday, played some fifa, continued reading the rider (awesome fucking book), asleep, up at 5:30 am (or so) to bike in to work again...

rinse and repeat.

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